OCZ Vertex 460 SSD Review (240GB) – Enterprise Performance With an Amazing Price

Only hours after the OCZ Storage Solutions has been announced as the newest member of the Toshiba Group Company, , OCZ is releasing a brand new 460 Series SSD, relying on new partnerships and Toshiba NAND flash memory.


If anything, the OCZ story is sure to make an interesting novel one day but, the release of this SSD shows us that the OCZ team has become very good at staying on the right track and deflecting what some might consider serious diversions.  Their possession of what might be one of the world’s top SSD controllers, the Barefoot 3, might have a great deal to do with that.


On release of this report, the Vertex 460 SSD should be available in capacities of 120, 240 and 480GB and MSRP pricing is listed as $99.99, $189.99 and 359.99, bringing it to a low price of about .74/GB.  It’s best performance can be seen in the 480GB capacity with 545MB/s read and 525MB/s write and up to 95K IOPS, however, performance decreases slightly as the capacity decreases as displayed in these specs:


You might notice that OCZ highlights steady state performance and this is the second time we have seen this with a OCZ SSD, the first evident in our review of the Vector 150.  The benefit to this is that it allows us to enhance our testing just a bit and, once again, you will see some extensive steady state and mixed load testing.  OCZ details endurance of 20GB host writes per day for 3 years through a typical client workload, this number being pretty much impossible to reach leaving us with an SSD that will last for longer than most would expect.

OCZ 460 Package FrontOCZ 460 Package BackAlong with some great performance numbers, packaging lists a 3 year limited warranty and includes a 3.5″ desktop adapter and full retail copy of Acronis True Image HD Cloning Software with activation key.


The exterior casing of the 460 is of solid metal cast and protects the printed circuit board (PCB) inside.  Four screws are contained on the bottom which secure the base plate and there is a security sticker over one of the screws to prevent tampering.   We rip our SSDs apart so you don’t have to.

OCZ 460 SSD FrontOCZ 460 SSD Back DSOnce the exterior is disassembled, another four screws must be removed to get a clear view of the PCB.  On the top of the PCB, we have the Indilinx Barefoot 3 M10 controller and it is numbered IDX500M10-BC.


There are also 16 modules of Toshiba NAND flash memory contained on the PCB, along with two packages of Micron DRAM cache memory, both components evenly distributed on both sides of the device.

OCZ 460 SSD PCB FrontThe Toshiba memory is numbered TH58TEG7DDJBA4C and it is the same as was used in the OCZ Vector 150  that we reviewed previously. It is Toshiba’s Toggle mode 19nm multi-level cell (mlc) memory and each module is 16GB in capacity.

Toshiba RAM

The total RAW capacity is 256GB (16×16), however, 7% over provisioning has been designated to maintain performance and endurance of this SSD, bringing the advertised capacity to 240GB.

OCZ 460 SSD PCB Back

 The capacity remaining for storage once formatted is again reduced to a final 224GB.  This ‘reduced’ available capacity is typical of all solid state drives.

OCZ 460 SSD Open Package