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SSD of the Week – SanDisk Extreme Pro

In our last two SSDs of the Weeks we had some insane value dollar/GB. This week however, we have a different type of value with the SanDisk Extreme Pro released a year ago. The Extreme Pro’s value lies in its performance and warranty. Even after a year on the market it still stands as one of the most consistent SATA …

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SanDisk Announces World’s Highest-Performing Portable SSDs – Computex 2015 Update

SanDisk Corporation, a world-leading producer of flash storage devices, is announcing its entry into the portable SSD market with its new series of high-performance SSDs. The SanDisk Extreme 900 Portable SSD is the world’s fastest family of Type C-based portable SSDs, and the SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD is their new family of rugged pocket-sized drives. The SanDisk Extreme 900 …

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SanDisk Announces Z400s Affordable SSD For Mobile Computing and Embedded Usage

SanDisk Corporation, a world-leading producer of flash storage devices, is announcing the new SanDisk Z400s solid-state drive (SSD), an affordable solution engineered to replace hard-disk drives (HDDs) in laptops and other computing platforms, as well as for embedded applications. The Z400s outperforms most HDDs by a factor of 20X, with 20X lower average power consumption, and with 5X the reliability …

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Samsung SM951 M.2 NVME SSD Review (256GB)

The Samsung SM951 is one of the fastest SSD solutions out for those with a need for speed. It offers speeds that put most SSDs to shame and does it in a small M.2 2280 form factor. Last week we took a look at the 512GB variant that utilizes the AHCI host controller interface. To say the least, the performance …

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SanDisk CloudSpeed Eco SSD Review (960GB)

When it comes to enterprise SSD storage solutions SanDisk is one of the largest manufacturers out there with a broad range of product to cover the many needs of the this ever growing market. While recent reviews have touched on products that include the words PCIe, SAS, and NVMe, where they offer breath taking performance, there are still many tasks …

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Samsung 840EVO Performance Degradation Follow-Up — Latest Firmware Update and Magician 4.6 Software Now Available

In their continuing efforts to get a handle on the read performance degradation issue that some owners/users of 840EVO SSDs have experienced, Samsung has now released their newest firmware version (EXT0DB6Q), as well as the latest Magician 4.6 software (links are provided at the end of this article). The problem would manifest itself to users when they would notice that …

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