Sony VAIO T14 Ultrabook Review – Out With Express Cache In With DataPlex For SandForce Driven Speed


Prior to providing performance results for the NVELO cached system, it is necessary to address the system we are working with.  To start, our normal procedure is to test an SSD that is fresh and new.  In the case of the ADATA XM13, this would provide for performance of 280MB/s read and 231MB/3 write transfer speeds.  The difficulty with this was that our Crystal Disk Information software identified a total of 134GB host reads, 165GB host writes and a power on count of 83 with 15 hours of activity, a bit unusual.


These numbers could account for validation testing and burn in but are a bit high.  We also need to recognize that this system contains an operating system and the configuration of the OS is such that it is as easily used, without problems, as can be.  Summarily, neither the hard drive or SSD are in a fresh state so we would expect lower numbers than previously attained.

Sony T14 Ultra SSD Dataplex ATTO

Although significantly better than initial results, ATTO write performance is still very low with 76MB/s read, yet is just about three times faster when measuring read performance.  This is not indicative of any previous NVELO Dataplex caching software testing and would most likely be the result of the initial hardware and software configuration.

Dataplex CDM oFillSSD CDMIn this example, we have the results of the NVELO based T14 on the left with that of the SSD alone on the right.  Once again, results are significantly better than where we started, but not close to where they should be.  The cached system result on the left is still displaying typical write performance that we might observe in the hard drive alone.

Sony T14 NVELO Anvil Benchmark

We ran Anvil Storage Utilities four times and caching displayed improved performance with each run (1, 2, 3), confirming that our caching software was doing its job.  Oddly, we still haven’t had any success in bringing up the write performance. We also had no luck with AS SSD Benchmarks and gave up after 45 minutes with an estimated 35 minutes remaining in the 4K test.


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    Hey there! Regarding NVelo on laptops – I’m pretty sure there was a Razer laptop that was delivered with NVelo Dataplex at some point. You might want to check that out! 🙂

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      Found it and you are absolutely correct, however, I was considering more aof a mainstream front such as we see with the Sony’s. Rereading the article, you are dead on though and Razer is the first. Will check into and possibly do up a review if I can get my hands on one.

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        Yeah :). Just thought i’d provide the info still. Thanks for looking into it!

        Something i’ve been wondering about is the Expresscache vs Dataplex issue. Dataplex seems to be doing a better job so far, but i wonder how coming updates will affect that. It would be bad with no competition, so let’s hope in some time they will just have different perks, not different overall performance. And that they’ll start the “race” from there.

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    Les, at the end of your review you posted an update message. With regards to that message, how about doing a review of the various migration software programs that you have used, possibly adding that to the Guide section of your site. Migration software complaints run abundantly on Newegg and other forum sites.

    Also, I would like to see a review of the Plextor mSata PX-M5M with the latest firmware.

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    What about the exmor hd webcam having poor quality?

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