Sony VAIO T14 Ultrabook Review – Out With Express Cache In With DataPlex For SandForce Driven Speed


NVELO Dataplex is a caching software that will increase the speed of a hard drive to match the SSD caching it and several reviews here at TSSDR have verified this.  NVELO is now owned by Samsung, a wise purchase no doubt.  As of yet, NVELO has not seen any partnerships similar to that of ExpressCache and Sony.  NVELO has established excellent relationships with SSD manufacturers such as OCZ, Crucial, Corsair And Mushkin. NVELO is the only company to package their product within consumer storage products for sale on the retail market.

Our review of the OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid is an amazing example of what NVELO is capable of as it demonstrates blazing fast speeds above 700MB/s on a 1TB SSD.  Two LSI SandForce SF-2281 SSDs were necessary to reach these speeds.

OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCIE

To date, there is not a hybrid portable system marketed with NVELO Dataplex which made the potential work involved in ‘beefing up’ the Sony VIAO T14 Ultrabook that much more appealing.


Our copy of NVELO Dataplex is an open copy that can be used on any medium over and over again.  To date, there is no means for the typical consumer to purchase NVELO for a similar installation, unless of course they have a dual drive laptop where the NVELO SSD can be installed. Installation consisted of removing the ExpressCache driver, renaming the ExpressCache folder and formatting the ADATA 30GB SSD that was already in our T14.

In doing this, we also discovered that Sony had the caching SSD partitioned with an 8GB OEM storage partition and 14GB cache partition for a total of 22GB.  The remainder of the SSD was not visible and has been designated for over provisioning to sustain performance and increase lifespan of the caching  SSD. Our thoughts are that the 8GB partition has been used to ensure ‘instant on’ when the system is turned back on after hibernation.

As beneficial as the OEM partition seems, it was still a bit disappointing that only 14GB was being used as a caching SSD. We also identified the hard drive as a Seagate Momentus 320GB 5400RPM hard drive as shown here:

Sony Viao T14 Seagate Hard Drive

Our last difficulty, specific to this installation, was setting the MBR on the cache SSD which was the only way the installation would complete.  Once that was figured out, NVELO was up and running for the first time on a Sony VIAO T14 Ultrabook, 22GB of the SSD available to cache 298GB of the Seagate Momentus hard drive.

Sony Viao T14 Dataplex Working

On a side note, we had the opportunity to work on the VIAO T14 while only the hard drive was in use without caching.  This further confirmed that ExpressCache was working and reminded us why we haven’t been near a hard drive in years.


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    Hey there! Regarding NVelo on laptops – I’m pretty sure there was a Razer laptop that was delivered with NVelo Dataplex at some point. You might want to check that out! 🙂

    • blank

      Found it and you are absolutely correct, however, I was considering more aof a mainstream front such as we see with the Sony’s. Rereading the article, you are dead on though and Razer is the first. Will check into and possibly do up a review if I can get my hands on one.

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        Yeah :). Just thought i’d provide the info still. Thanks for looking into it!

        Something i’ve been wondering about is the Expresscache vs Dataplex issue. Dataplex seems to be doing a better job so far, but i wonder how coming updates will affect that. It would be bad with no competition, so let’s hope in some time they will just have different perks, not different overall performance. And that they’ll start the “race” from there.

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    Les, at the end of your review you posted an update message. With regards to that message, how about doing a review of the various migration software programs that you have used, possibly adding that to the Guide section of your site. Migration software complaints run abundantly on Newegg and other forum sites.

    Also, I would like to see a review of the Plextor mSata PX-M5M with the latest firmware.

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    What about the exmor hd webcam having poor quality?

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