Samsung Toshiba LG Ultrabook Shootout – CES 2012 Post Update

We left the best to last and the above photo depicts this very well.  Somehow, the Samsung Series 9 has trumped the Toshiba Z830 (bottom) and appears to be significantly thinner.  It weighs in at a very similar 2.5 lbs, is only .6″, and it has a very solid feel to it as the Toshiba does.  The series 9 monitor does not have the flex of the Toshiba and potential buyers should know that the flex they feel in Z Series screens is intentional and meant to counteract shock.

blankThe Series 9 15″ Ultrabook is also a very refreshing introduction as it weighs in at only 3.3 lbs, claims 7 hours of battery life and it’s price point of only $1499 MSRP is going to attract a significant number of consumer and business users.


Prior to my final analysis, I have to concede that I am a lover of the ultrabook form factor and have tested just about every available mSATA SSD today in hopes of building the perfect ultrabook.  The look, size, weight, available ports and feel of my Toshiba Z830 are only seconded to the fact that, somehow, this unit operates at amazingly fast SATA 3 speeds with the Runcore T50 SATA 3 SSD installed.

Having said that, the LG Z330 comes in with similar characteristics, albeit with less ports, but can be configured with a top performing OCZ ‘Kilimanjaro’ mSATA 256GB SSD. EXTREMELY APPEALING!

At the end of the day, however, as much as I love this Toshiba Z830 and all that it can do, I once again I find myself very anxious to get the new Samsung Series 9 on the bench for a test run and possibly even a longer stay. Its SSD doesn’t touch the LG Z330’s performance  and its Intel Core i5 only configuration with 4GB memory falls significantly short of that of the Toshiba Z830, however, its design is somewhat of an obsession with me. I just can’t put it down!

blankIt has a solid feel, thinner design and is as light as the Toshiba yet its look is absolutely unbeatable.   The fact that they have replicated this in a 15″ version and unofficial word is that there may even be a limited edition gold release and this almost becomes a must have for an Ultra addict like me!


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