Patriot Ignite M.2 SSD Review (480GB) – Single and RAID 0 Tested


We were fortunate to be in possession of two Ignite M.2 SSDs which opened the door to a bit of a RAID evaluation, especially with our Test Bench which contains two ‘Ultra M.2’ slots, each being PCIe 3.0 X4.  This is what we see!

Patriot Ignite M2 SSD RAID0.png


With transfer speed highs of 111MB/s read and 653MB/s write, it is evident that the Ignite M.2 SSD in RAID 0 scales fairly well.  As well, we once again see great performance increase as file size increases.

RAID0 Patriot Ignite M2 480GB SSD ATTO


RAID0 Patriot Ignite M2 480GB SSD Crystal DiskMark


RAID0 Patriot Ignite M2 480GB SSD AS SSDRAID0 Patriot Ignite M2 480GB SSD AS SSD IOPSReceiving a high of 192K in IOPS was totally unexpected of this RAID 0 test.  The speeds of the Copy Benchmark were equally impressive:

RAID0 Patriot Ignite M2 480GB SSD AS SSD Copy Bench


RAID0 Patriot Ignite M2 480GB SSD PCMark Vantage


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    LES, from what I’ve gathered the M.2 SSD’s overheat a lot, as compared to traditional 2.5 inch or PCIe (slot) drives, & as a result throttle from time to time. Is that more like a norm now or are there exceptions, talking particularly about drives that are close to the SM951 in terms of performance, especially considering there’s very little data on this topic of temperature &/or thermal throttling of M.2 drives from reputable sites like yours?

    • blank

      Can I ask where you are hearing this info on overheating? We have yet to have any drives overheat or throttle in testing. We like to think the 17-24 testing where The drive is filled and TRIM is constrained for several hours might cause such…but it hasn’t. We run several M.2 drives on a continual basis in our systems without any heat considerations at all.

      The difference between most PCIe and the notebook drives is they require a mechanism to get the heat to the exterior of the package to dissipate, whereas, the M.2 does not. Imagine running a race car without a hood.

      • blank

        Mostly on forums like AT, TPU, Toms et al. This is just for desktops btw, & most of’em were overclocked setups, so anecdotal or hearsay at best.

        I’d like to think in a non open bench system this would be more of a problem, since I don’t own any M.2 SSD myself I’ll just have to rely on word of mouth from fellow board members but there certainly have been complaints of overheating from many of them. As for thermal throttling IIRC only the latest models, like 850 EVO & some of the others, have this mechanism incorporated that actually throttles the drive under severe conditions viz high temperature.

        So to sum it up I’m just curious to know whether the extremely SFF & controller are responsible for this overheating/throttling phenomena or are the drives absorbing excess heat from the mobo &/or the CPU, GPU with the results varying greatly, depending on the individuals’ setup also their case airflow?

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    HELLO , looking for this form SSD with more than 500 GB any words awhere to get those

    • blank

      Many people are – they do not exist (yet). My guess is that first designs are around six month away. Samsung said that they intend to make higher capacities (no details, just vague between the lines suggestion). BTW, Les was asked this a few times, but never commented, thus he also does not know who/when, etc.

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