OCZ Vertex 3.20 20nm SSD Review (240GB)


Normally, we might not really concern ourselves with looking at what amounts to an SSD refresh, however, we felt that the OCZ choice to retain this SSD with their future offerings spoke very well of how well the Vertex line has done since release.  Performance of the V3.20 is typical of what we might see in any similar LSI SandForce package and we have grown fond of seeing read and write performance in excess of 500MB/s as well as IOPS in the area of 90,000.

OCZ Vertex 3.20 SSD Closer

The original release of the Vertex 3 fared a bit higher in end performance testing and, even now, can be found just a bit cheaper than the V3.20.  The new V3.20 is a step forward to a smaller memory size, however, and we may see firmware updates in the future that fine tune that performance just a bit.  Both past and present Vertex 3 products carry a three year warranty.

Check out the 20nm Vertex 3.20 at Amazon.


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  1. Nice review as always Les! I can’t believe this kind of low performance in 2013!

    Well i guess we won’t see anything better than my 840pro until the next gen SATA…

    • Vector is faster than your 840 Pro especially with Vectors newly released FW 2.0 lol..

      • Nice catch! Any reviews backing that up? Because that 4k read of 30mb/s looks lower than the 40mb/s the 840 manages… lol!

      • so your basing the total speed of the drive on 1 metric? I heard the new firmware bumps that up actually but the vector kills the 840 pro is steady state performance as well as in writes..


        “The Samsung 830 Series was only recently unseated from the top of our
        overall performance rankings by the OCZ Vector. While the 840 Pro is an
        improvement over its predecessor, it’s not fast enough to match the

      • So what? I said we won’t see something faster. This tiny advantage in write speed is enough for you to call it faster? I whould hardly call it a tie as a number of benchmarks like Vantage, Pcmark07, even AnandTech’s Storage Bench which is mighty similar to our every day usage, suggest 840 is a little faster overall. That said, steady state is indeed Vectors strong point and i admit that although the latest firmware improved the 840 steady state perf, vector scores here.

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