OCZ Vertex 3.20 20nm SSD Review (240GB)


You may not see this for long (and its definitely not common) but you get a freebee simply for reading!  Over the last little while, we have been assisting with beta testing new benchmark software called Anvil Storage Utilities which is an absolutely amazing SSD benchmarking utility.  Not only does it have a preset SSD benchmark, but also, it has included such things as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests, all of which are very simple to understand and utilize in our benchmark testing.

OCZ Vertex 3.20 Anvil 0Fill

Great disk access times, IOPS performance as well as a very high Total Score all show off the OCZ Vertex 3.20 very well. For those new to Anvil, full system and SSD description can be found on the lower left and right of the benchmark.


The SSD Review uses benchmark software called PCMark Vantage x64 HDD Suite to create testing scenarios that might be used in the typical user experience. There are eight tests in all and the tests performed record the speed of data movement in MB/s to which they are then given a numerical score after all of the tests are complete. The simulations are as follows:

  • Windows Defender In Use
  • Streaming Data from storage in games such as Alan Wake which allows for massive worlds and riveting non-stop action
  • Importing digital photos into Windows Photo Gallery
  • Starting the Vista Operating System
  • Home Video editing with Movie Maker which can be very time consuming
  • Media Center which can handle video recording, time shifting and streaming from Windows media center to an extender such as XBox
  • Cataloging a music library
  • Starting applications


The V3.20 attained a high Total Score of 64437 in PCMark Vantage HDD Suite with a high transfer speed of 403MB/s while testing in Media Center. This is a bit lower than the original V3 that pulled through with a score of 70624 and held top spot on our Hierarchy Chart for quite awhile.

OCZ Vertex 3.20 Vantage Result

This chart is a cutout of the mid-section of our SSD Hierarchy Chart, meant solely to provide an idea of where the V3.20 fits in, given consideration of Vantage results alone.



  1. Nice review as always Les! I can’t believe this kind of low performance in 2013!

    Well i guess we won’t see anything better than my 840pro until the next gen SATA…

    • Vector is faster than your 840 Pro especially with Vectors newly released FW 2.0 lol..

      • Nice catch! Any reviews backing that up? Because that 4k read of 30mb/s looks lower than the 40mb/s the 840 manages… lol!

      • so your basing the total speed of the drive on 1 metric? I heard the new firmware bumps that up actually but the vector kills the 840 pro is steady state performance as well as in writes..


        “The Samsung 830 Series was only recently unseated from the top of our
        overall performance rankings by the OCZ Vector. While the 840 Pro is an
        improvement over its predecessor, it’s not fast enough to match the

      • So what? I said we won’t see something faster. This tiny advantage in write speed is enough for you to call it faster? I whould hardly call it a tie as a number of benchmarks like Vantage, Pcmark07, even AnandTech’s Storage Bench which is mighty similar to our every day usage, suggest 840 is a little faster overall. That said, steady state is indeed Vectors strong point and i admit that although the latest firmware improved the 840 steady state perf, vector scores here.

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