WD Blue SN570 Gen3 NVMe SSD Review – Performance and Value in a DRAM-less SSD


The WD Blue SN570 will enter the market in the next few days or so and, in doing so, brings just a bit of competition to the Samsung 980, both of course being DRAM-less SSDs.  The key to both SSDs is the fact that they provide top performance with great value.  It isn’t just a bit coincidental that we just checked Amazon and noticed that the price of the Samsung 980 has dropped to $109.99, making the two SSDs practically identical in build, specs and value.

The WD Blue SN570 has Gen 3 performance of 3.5GB/s read and, in fact, that performance remains close regardless of capacity chosen.  It is the write performance which fluctuates drastically, starting at only 1200MB/s for the 250GB and then topping out at 3000MB/s for the 1TB version tested today.  MSRP for the 250GB is $49.99 and jumps by only $10 for the 500GB, yet write throughput almost doubles.  Why might anyone even consider the 250GB?  This SSD also comes with an industry standard 5-year warranty.

For those new to SSDs, moving from a hard drive to an SSD is a totally new experience as everything is just faster.  I have always said that it sometimes seems as if the keyboard knows what key you will press before you do. WD makes it very simple and even provides a free copy of Acronis for you.  Understanding your needs is paramount to making any purchase or transition easy.  If you are the typical PC user, the WD Blue SN570 would be an excellent choice if the price is right.  Why would one buy a $3-400 top of the line SSD if they could achieve exactly that same experience for $100.  The WD Blue SN570 can achieve that… for $100 or less.

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The WD Blue SN570 is a DRAM-less NVMe SSD that has decent capacities up to 1TB, speeds of 3.5GB/s, a 5-year warranty and decent pricing.

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