KingFast F3 Series mSATA 3.0 SSD Review (120GB)


We have had the opportunity to get to know KingFast rather well as of late and, in fact, just reviewed their F3 Plus SSD a few weeks back.  Considering the fact that they are an SSD only manufacturer, and one that insists on the use of quality parts in their final product, we don’t really understand why they haven’t tackled the North American market in strength as of yet.  Granted, US pricing is provided and North American’s can order directly from the website but, well…. KingFast needs to understand that Amazon and NewEgg are in their comfort zone for such a purpose where an international purchase really isn’t.  KingFast F3 mSATA 3.0 SSD
Performance of the KingFast F3 mSATA 3.0 SSD was as expected for an SSD of this capacity, just as the very high score in PCMark Vantage HDD Suite was unexpected.  For any SSD to pull off transfer speeds above 420MB/s and a score of 65700 Total Points leaves us wondering if this would be a top SSD when tested in the 240GB capacity, a capacity that KingFast has yet to market up to this point.

Throw in a decent price, three year warranty and include a mSATA adapter with each purchase, and the only real thing still holding it back is going to be availability for the North American crowd.  All in all, we would have no problem whatsoever recommending the KingFast F3 mSATA 3.0 SSD.


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