HighPoint 2720SGL RocketRAID Controller Review – Amazing 3GB/s Recorded With 8 Crucial C400 SSDs


AS SSD is specifically designed for SSDs, and also is very useful for RAID testing as well. The results that we have attained are excellent, with the sequential read speed more than doubling to a high of 2.6 GB/s.

The scaling here with regards to the 4K-64 results are, again, extremely good. The overall score of 2383 for the benchmark is amongst the highest for a single RAID controller without cache that we have seen to date.  The 4k category is extremely important, with speeds increasing from 18.86 MB/s up to 23.68. The write speed with the low 4K results has doubled, and the higher 4K-64 write speed has tripled.

The only downside that we see is an increase in the access time, but this may be due to the number of SSDs attached. The latency results with fewer SSDs connected has better results with this controller. With 3 SSDs in RAID 0, we observed Access Times of .037!

The AS SSD copy-benchmark suite results are also indicative of the across-the-board improvements in speed.

These results are very representative of the typical user scenario of file copies and transfers. With such fast results in transfer speeds this array would be very useful for video, audio, and SMB use.


ASU is benchmark for us gearheads and comprises many great features. Still in Beta testing, not only does it have a preset SSD benchmark, it has also included such things as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests. All tests are very simple to understand and utilize, even for the layman.

Its pretty easy to spot the updated driver, simply by comparison of the total scores obtained. Overall, the new driver exhibits much better characteristics across the board. As a means of comparison it is very interesting to see the response times with Anvils Storage Utilities showing far better results that the previous drivers.



  1. Can anyone tell me the limits of SATA I aka 150mb/s
    I only need sequential read/write and randrom write 4kb

  2. This is pretty awesome. I’m having a chat with macperformanceguide.net, about whether this route would be better than just getting a PCI-E SSD equivalent. Like the RevoDrive 3.
    Are those just as likely to fail in Raid 0? as they are just onboard raided Sandforce SSD’s no?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  3. Where can I download the new driver ???

  4. Fernando Martinez

    Guys, can you make the same, but using par drives on tests?

    Example: with 2 SSDs, then 4 (as RAID 0) ? Of course, no need 8 since it was already tested here.


  5. That’s great and all, but HighPoint is the kind of company that exist in eastern europe. You know what I mean? You pay them for the product, and you assume all responsibility for support of that product, it going bad, not performing as advertised, and so on. There is no customer support with HighPoint. Actually, I just tried to contact them today and their online support (which is the only way to get in touch with them) script is not posting issues, it just redirects you to a blank post your issue screen. Just absolutely lousy company.

    So, if you ever consider silly highpoint, know that you won’t be getting support so you better be so good that you never need ask questions.

  6. John Joseph Mc Dermott

    This was an amazing card to begin with. I want one for my gaming rig. GTX 690 first though.

  7. What version of the raid controller firmware did you use for the benchmark ?

    I’m using RR272x v1.5 bios/fw, testing with 4 x 256 GB ADATA XPG SX900
    I get close to 500 Mbyte/s (read) per drive, which is great !

    But there seems to be something wrong, one out of 4 drives only reach 250 MB/s,
    even when moving them around, using the second port, in different combination,
    one is not going as fast as the others, but it is not the same SSD drive !

    Same if I put all 4 SSD on the same SAS port or 2 + 2 drives/SAS port

    (I’m testing with cables from 2 vendors, no diff)

    So it is not one faulty drive.

    After many reboots I sometimes can get all to perform equal,
    but after next reboot one is dropped down to half speed.

    I have verified that I’m using a slot @ PCIe 2.0 x8 speed (5GB/s).

    SSD fw is 5.02a (latest right now)

    Any advice ?

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