HGST SSD800MM SAS 12Gbps Enterprise SSD Receives Editor’s Choice Award Through Multi-SSD Analyses


In order for the HGST SSD800MM to become the 12Gbps SAS SSD benchmark, it had to live up to those lofty datasheet numbers.




As you can see, the SSD800MM either met or exceeded those numbers with ease.  Even with that level of performance, the consistency was great.  HGST was able to deliver outstanding performance without sacrificing consistency, which enterprise customers will greatly appreciate.


In the months since we first put it through our enterprise test benchmarks, the SSD800MM has remained a model citizen.  It is a drive that has set a standard for the 2.5″ form factor.  Whether you need random performance, sequential performance, consistency or write endurance, this drive brings everything to the table.  We have been lucky enough to test the SSD800MM as a single drive and also as part of an 8-drive RAID, with each configuration showing its impressive performance. With more competition in this space, it will be tough for HGST to hold a performance edge for long.  It’s biggest challenge might be from PCIe add-in cards, than actual 12Gbps SAS devices.  For now, though, the HGST is king.

HGST ultrastar SSD

While pricing still remains elusive, we are awarding our Editor’s Choice simply on its technical merits, which are considerable.  The only thing we enjoy more than putting the HGST SSD800MM through its paces, is trying to find an SSD that can beat it.

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Simply put, the HGST SSD800MM is an amazing enterprise drive with read and write performance that outclasses every SATA/SAS device we have tested.

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  1. blank

    Makes me want to see a 12-channel controller in a consumer-level SSD!

  2. blank

    You are showing the spec sheet for the MH models instead of the MM models. It’s apparent to some that you are talking about the MM, but it’s a bit misleading to see the higher specs of the MH in the spec screenshot. Btw, what are the major differences between these two lines?

    • blank

      Main difference between these two lines are the endurance ratings. MH has a 25 drive writes per day rating. MM has a 10 drive writes per day rating.

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