Corsair Force Series MP510 NVMe SSD Review (1TB) – The Phison E12 Controller Comes Alive


The Corsair Force Series MP510 NVMe SSD is all about the Phison E12 8-channel NVMe controller which is meant for high-end PCs up to the enterprise level.  As we have become very familiar with in the SSD arena, every now and then a controller gains the confidence of the industry and promises great things for its manufacturer and 3rd party manufacturers that make use of it.  The E12 is just that.  Although we haven’t reviewed the MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro NVMe SSD just yet, it is a very close build to the Force MP510 we are testing today, short of a different DRAM manufacturer.  The BPX Pro uses NANYA where the MP510 uses SKHynix.  We will see a few more ‘twin’ drives with fine tuning of the firmware soon enough.

Having said that, the Corsair Force Series MP510 NVMe SSD is a very strong performer, hitting the mark with 3.4GB/s read and over 3GB/s write with 610K read and 570K write random 4K IOPS…for a 1TB (960GB) version.  remember… all capacities vary in performance.  In fact… this chart helps where you will see that write throughput dips to just over 1GB/s for the 240GB model:


There are also a few extras in the Force Series MP510 that we really like.  It has a five year warranty, thermal protection and Corsair also has their own SSD Tool Box which lets the user monitor and work with the SSD first hand.  There will also be availability for four different capacity points which is not so common anymore and the thing that can really make or break this drive is going to be pricing and availability.  If the immediate availability at $239.99 shows to be accurate, we are seeing one top notch SSD at a great price.  Check the link below for availability at Amazon soon enough.

Check Amazon Availability and Pricing for the Corsair MP510.


Corsair Force Series MP510 NVMe SSD

MP510 Build and Features
5-Year Warranty
Price and Availability

E12 Power!

The Corsair MP510 is an upper SSD that should attract content developers, enthusiasts and gamers with its 8-channel Phison E12 controller which is very strong. Adding a 5 year warranty, Toolbox and thermal protection to the mix is gravvy to what appears to be a great SSD.

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    Could the fact that it is double side cause an electrical short circuit problem when installed on a low M.2 connector if down side comes in contact wuth a PCB ( of a PCIe adaptor ) covered by copper bands?

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