WD_Black D50 1TB NVMe SSD Gaming Dock Review – Unheard of ThunderBolt 3 Performance


The WD DashBoard is a free tool available here that shouldn’t be overlooked; it is the best in the business by a stretch.  Were you aware that turning on game mode when the software is active has been shown to increases SSD speeds?  Not many did.

Not only does the WD Dashboard watch over the health of your SSD along with its ability to measure performance, upgrade firmware, and a number of other things, but it also has an RGB Setting that works great with the WD_Black D50.


It has 13 different effects which coordinate with millions of colors, but also, it can sync with the RGB settings of several mainstream 3rd party motherboard manufacturers.


We have reviewed a ton of Thunderbolt 3 docks throughout the years and, well I have to say nothing compares to the WD_Black D50 1TB NVMe SSD Gaming Dock.  There is just so much we can say about the D50 but the thing that stands out most is its extreme performance. Western Digital has somehow reached Thunderbolt 3 performance of  3118MB/s read and 2677MB/s write.  To the best of our knowledge, nothing has ever even come close to this.


The D50 was built for gamers first most and D50’s ability to pull that performance out of the internal SSD is incredible.  For my needs as a media professional, however, this couldn’t have come at a better time.  Being able to add an 8TB storage area that connects to each and every Tbt3 system I have is incredible and only possible as this is the ONLY dock that we are aware of in the world that has four Type-C ports and then an additional three Type-A ports that run at 10Gb/s.  It has active cooling.  It has RGB that syncs with our own system as it sits right now.  It eliminates the need for the laptop or ultra power brick when it is plugged into it as it can provide up to 87W to the PC. This is how we have it set up to best suit what we do in the office.


It is connected to the PC and laptop.  It is charging two phones and it also runs our ProGrade CFExpress Thunderbolt 3 Card reader at up to 1700MB/s along with its little brother CFExpress/SDXC Card reader at up to 1000MB/s. You would have to look close but the Deep Orange RGB of the D50 is sync’d to our system RGB of the same pattern and motion.  Price.  We will be the first to admit this is a bit more than your typical dock but this is anything but.  This is typical WD_Black. Connect, command, and control.   Editor’s Choice.

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WD_Black D50 1TB NVMe SSD Gaming Dock Ratings

Product Build
Thunderbolt 3 Performance
Dock Port Configuration
5-Year Warranty
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Unheard of Speeds!

The WD_Black D50 has an internal SSD capable of unheard of Thunderbolt 3 speeds up to 3.1GB/s as well as being set-up uniquely for gamers and having the most Type-C ports available anywhere.

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    Why could cause the extremely low 4K Random Writes (MB/s and IOPS) ?

  2. blank

    Would it make a difference to throw in a sn850 because the reading and writing speed is much higher (7000mb/sec reading and 5000mb/sec writing), or is the bottleneck the thunderbolt controller?

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