Lexar 633x microSDXC Card Review (200GB) – Smartphone Storage Savior


It is important to note that the performance we may see here isn’t always reflective of what might be achieved in smartphones, drones etc… Validating the performance allows us to understand that the recording and playback will be smooth and without any type of stuttering.  Most importantly, the high performance achieved will mainly be seen in transfer of the data to and from the card when plugged into the PC.

Lexar 200GB 633x microSDXC UHS-1 Card ATTO Benchmark

A quick test with ATTO Disk Benchmark shows us that performance is as expected with a return of 92MB/s read performance while write performance is much lower at 40MB/s.  Should we be using this card within an adapter in a DSLR camera, we would want higher write performance, but for the market this card is intended for, performance is ideal.

Lexar 200GB 633x microSDXC UHS-1 Card Crystal DiskMark

Testing with Crystal Diskmark allows us to get a better look at transfer speeds while testing with incompressible data, as we might see with media.  These results pretty much match that of ATTO which is great.  This is again shown with yet another confirmatory test using Anvil Storage Utility below.

Lexar 200GB 633x microSDXC UHS-1 Card Anvil


It goes without saying that Lexar is a leader in the storage industry and has been for many years.  They step out of the box by offering a limited lifetime warranty and this, in itself, speaks to the quality of their products and commitment.  Even without the included USB 3 Card Reader, we would find this product to be a great value with respect to capacities available and the price point they have hit.  With the card reader however, buying this card is a no brainer.

Lexar 200GB 633x microSDXC UHS-1 Card with USB 2

Performance of the Lexar 633x 200GB microSDXC Card is as expected when one considers that we are now looking at a card that is 1/5th the size of a typical SD card; read performance is great with write performance under half that.  We don’t find this a negative in any way considering one is getting rarely seen storage space from a card smaller than a dime….and with a lifetime warranty to boot!

The Lexar 633x 200GB micr0SDXC Card is more than deserving of our Editor’s Choice Award.  It has great capacity, performance, a lifetime warranty, includes a card reader and has a great price as well.

Check Out Lexar 633x SD Card Pricing at Amazonblank

Editors Choice-SSD copy Opt

Lexar 633x 200GB microSDXC Card Review

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Pricing and Availability

Lifetime Warranty

The Lexar 633x 200GB microSDXC card has great capacity, speeds and a lifetime warranty. Combine this with an included USB 3 card reader and a great price and it is a definite winner.

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  1. blank

    Some geek will now RAID test these!
    Using Linux as a testing system, it should be cheaper, more physically compact, etc to RAID(0, 1, 5, … ) than other alternatives.

  2. blank

    1. Where are the UHS-II 200GB microSD cards?
    2. Where are the tablets and phones that have a proper reader / libraries to take advantage of the new card speeds?

    Those speeds would be doubled, if we had proper UHS-II cards and devices.

  3. blank

    Long haul truck drivers are going to love this new Lexar 200GB 633x microSD Card for their 1080 dashcams! Storage capacity anxiety will be eliminated because of the card’s ability to store many hours of video before having to insert another blank card. No pulling over to switch cards, or trip planning based on hours available on card to record, until another card switch. If they already haven’t switched to high speed cards (633x) this high storage capacity will help them make the upgrade.

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