Lexar 633x microSDXC Card Review (200GB) – Smartphone Storage Savior

The ability to upgrade storage in today’s smartphones seems to have become key once again. It is the dividing point between Samsung and Apple.  A Samsung S7blank smart phone allows the user to add up to 200GB of storage space whereas the Apple iPhone 6Sblank tops out at 128GB, that storage increasing the iPhone price by several hundred dollars. This is leverage for Samsung and this latest smartphone trend may play directly into Apple’s financial downfall as of late, with stock losing $40 billion in market cap after earnings.

For the storage savy smart phone buff, we are now finding microSDXC cards reaching 200GB and higher, allowing us to store an entire media collection, or even our entire workplace, within our smartphone.  This is amazing! As an example, one can store up to 17 hours of video, 33,000 pictures or 28,000 songs on this card.

Lexar 200GB 633x microSDXC UHS-1 Card

This is where the Lexar 633x 200GB microSDXC Card comes in; it has ample storage, reputation, quality, warranty and value. The Lexar 633x is is a high performance UHS-1 microSDXC card that is intended for camcorders, tablets and smartphones, and it is capable of storing and playing back 1080p HD, 3D and 4K video.

Lexar 200GB 633x microSDXC UHS-1 Card Package Front

Performance is listed at 95MB/s, the card has a lifetime warranty, and a USB 3.0 microSDXC Card Reader is included with a one year warranty.  There are two things that we immediately noticed about this package, the first being that there was a USB3 card reader included, but not a SD card adapter. There is a reason. As much as the card will work within a SD adapter in a DSLR camera, Lexar believes the ideal use would be within drones, sport camcorders such as the Go Pro and smartphones first and foremost. As well, inclusion of the card reader is not normally seen and increases the value point of Lexar 200GB 633x microSDXC card significantly.

Lexar 200GB 633x microSDXC UHS-1 Card USB 3.0

Checking out Amazonblank, the Lexar 633x microSD Card family is available in capacities of 16, 32, 64, 128 and 200GB, prices ranging from $11 to $99 for the 200GB capacity.  Remembering that all include the card reader, these prices reflect amazing value for the consumer.

Lexar 200GB 633x microSDXC UHS-1 Card with USB

Turn the page for a bit of performance testing of the Lexar 633x 200GB microSDXC Card.


  1. blank

    Some geek will now RAID test these!
    Using Linux as a testing system, it should be cheaper, more physically compact, etc to RAID(0, 1, 5, … ) than other alternatives.

  2. blank

    1. Where are the UHS-II 200GB microSD cards?
    2. Where are the tablets and phones that have a proper reader / libraries to take advantage of the new card speeds?

    Those speeds would be doubled, if we had proper UHS-II cards and devices.

  3. blank

    Long haul truck drivers are going to love this new Lexar 200GB 633x microSD Card for their 1080 dashcams! Storage capacity anxiety will be eliminated because of the card’s ability to store many hours of video before having to insert another blank card. No pulling over to switch cards, or trip planning based on hours available on card to record, until another card switch. If they already haven’t switched to high speed cards (633x) this high storage capacity will help them make the upgrade.

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