BitFenix Raider Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review


The back of the case presents us with a standard ATX slot configuration, as well as openings for external water cooling kits, should a user be so inclined.

Another interesting feature is the fan mount, which supports both 120mm and 80mm variants, giving builders even more flexibility down the road.

Finally, it must be noted that the power supply is mounted in the bottom of the case, making easier the sometimes tedious task of tidying up the cables in the enclosure. This can also help extend the life of the power supply, as it is mostly spared from having to exhaust the heat generated by all the high performance hardware it has to support.

As our exploration moves to the bottom of the case, we behold the existence of two fan filters, covering both the PSU fan and an optional case fan. These should definitely bolster the chassis’ ability to chase away the dust bunnys, which as many of you know, are capable of causing calamitous mechanical failures.


In addition, excessive air excrement can engender an enormous amount of heat buildup, putting all that new, must have hardware in harms way. These filters may not be as advanced as something of the HEPA variety, but they should be more than helpful enough when it comes to limiting the endless supply of lint. At the very least, theyll be conducive to cutting down on the buying of all those bulk packs of compressed air.

blankRemoving the front bezel reveals the two 120mm front intake fans which should go a long way toward getting those drive and system temps down. We can also clearly see the four 5.25 bays, which will likely satisfy even the most uncompromising end user for quite some time.

The case doesnt provide any accommodations for 3.5 drives, but considering the dearth of such products on todays market, this can hardly be seen as a negative. That BitFenix excluded such ancient amenities only adds to the extremely appealing contemporary nature of this mesh enveloped example of modernity. The mesh does serve a purpose beyond aesthetics, however, preventing any pestilent particulate from entering your case.

The top of the case has a cutout for a 200mm fan, facilitating the enhanced removal of hot air. Although it probably wont tame your in-laws, those using air cooling to overclock their proc may want to seriously consider taking advantage of this additional mounting option, as its situated near the processor and may go a long way in helping speed freaks push their hardware to ever-higher performance levels.


Unfortunately, 200mm is the ONLY size you can use here, with smaller diameters (not to mention, a top mounted 120mm water cooler) being out of the question. This isnt all bad, however, as 200mm fans are excellent at pushing a lot of air while at the same time minimizing noise.

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