Lexar Displays NVMe Gen 4×4 SSD at 7GB/s and other High Speed Memory Solutions | CES 2020 Update

If you are a fan of the SSDs, you will know that we have had just a bit of Lexar coverage to date.  Personally speaking, I have always been a Lexar fan and it is a mainstay in much of my media equipment.    Last we wrote, we were able to show you that they have had tremendous luck with their progress on the Gen 4×4 M.2 SSD and we showed you performance on CDM at just above 6GB/s.  Our visit to the Lexar Suite provided just a bit of an Update…

7.2 GB/s read performance along with 5.3GB/s write performance for an NVMe M.2 SSD is top in the business right now.  Better yet, that speed of 317MB/s low random 4K writes is something we have yet to see as well. 

Although we cannot mention the specific controller used for this SSD, you might notice these speeds are just a bit similar to another article we have recently posted.

Also on display, this USB drive will reach speeds of 1GB/s and be available in 128, 256 and 512GB capacities.  It uses USB 3.2 Gen 2 and will have both Type C and Type A (M) adapters.

We wanted to also display the Lexar JumpDrive Fingerprint F35 as this devices is an excellent secure device as it allows the storage of up to 10 fingerprints and has recognition in under 1 second.  The highlight, at least in our opinion, is the fact that your thumb is right there when you are inserting it in any case.  It has 256-bit AES encryption and is available at Amazon right now in the capacities shown.  One of my personal favorites…. 

A few more products from our tour…

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