Lexar 1TB Professional SDXC Review – Another First for Lexar

A few days back, we did a review on the first 1TB microSD card to make it outside of manufacturers test facilities and the only negative of that review was that we couldn’t tell you when it would be available, or the cost.  That was the Lexar 1TB High-Professional microSDXC which is the smallest 1TB storage drive in the industry right now. 1TB SDXC is very new and its importance lies, for the most part, in media recording where the largest capacity is an absolute must. Today, we wanted to provide report on another 1TB storage device, the Lexar Professional 1TB SDXC card, but this time… it is available and can be purchased now.  Once again though, we think the release of this 1TB card is an industry first as others haven’t reached our hands or retailers just yet.

Before getting into this report, we wanted to stress the importance of buying your storage media from a reputable seller as there are just so many complaints of fake SD cards out there. Fake media is not new to the industry and paints a very dark picture over an industry that is perhaps advancing faster than any other.  Fake reviews are plastered all over Amazon and other e-tailers so ensure, if you are going to go by that route, that the seller is reputable and the product is as you see it here.  Buyer beware if you are buying an unknown brand name from an unknown third-party; things aren’t always what they seem.  Demand genuine products and quality.

The Lexar Professional 633x SDXC is a UHS-1 card, Class 10, with a U3 speed and V30 video speed rating.  UHS-1 (ultra high speed) and Class 10 are the same, in that they guarantee a minimum write speed of 10MB/s.  U3 and V30 mean that the device will have a minimum sequential right speed of 30MB/s.  Take alook at this chart to assist you in finding EXACTLY what you need.


Getting back to our review sample Lexar Professional 1TB SDXC specifically, this card is available in capacities ranging from 16GB to 1TB, has a limited lifetime warranty and is ideal for 1080p full HD, 3D and 4K video recordings.  Looking at Amazon, the original price if this SDXC was $399 but it is available now for $364.12 with stock availability of 23 Apr 19.



ATTO Disk Benchmark is perhaps one of the oldest benchmarks going and is definitely the main staple for manufacturer performance specifications. ATTO uses RAW or compressible data and, for our benchmarks, we use a set length of 256mb and test both the read and write performance of various transfer sizes ranging from 0.5 to 8192kb. Manufacturers prefer this method of testing as it deals with raw (compressible) data rather than random (includes incompressible data) which, although more realistic, results in lower performance results.


This ATTO result displays something we always like to see, which is a steady increase in performance as sample size increases.  As well, 98MB/s read and 88MB/s write data transfer speeds are great performance results.

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