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Just How Far Will SSD prices Drop?

For many models of solid state drives, the last two years has been turbulant with certain models dropping from $3/GB to less than $1/GB.  A quick look at e-tailers, even today, shows quality brand name SSDs as low as the 80-90 cents/GB range.  The Crucial M4 256GB SSD has even been seen on sale as low as 67 cents/GB!  According …

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SSD Prices Down Dramatically in Q4-11

Prices are Dropping

Idealo News, a UK and European price comparison site, has mined its own data to analyze SSD pricing during the 4th quarter of 2011. Prices have been steadily declining from September to December of this year while 2.5 HDDs pricing continues to skyrocket as a result of Thailand flooding. This is very good news for the SSD consumer who will …

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