TSSDR’s Mega SSD Giveaway Week 4 – Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD (CLOSED)

Welcome to Week Four of TSSDRs Grand Birthday SSD Giveaway Celebration and we are going to mix things up a bit for this one!

This month, TSSDR has teamed up with Kingston to give away a 240GB capacity Kingston HyperX ‘LSI SandForce Driven’ SSD each week.

This contest will be open to Canada and USA only and, although there is no FB requirement, all must complete their entry on our Forum post!




  1. You MUST comment on our Forum Giveaway Post (link) and participate in our Forums during the period of the contest to be eligible to win.  Lets be honest here folks; the purpose of our draws is to build our community and help bring people into the world of SSDs.  These draws are only possible if we can build a community that would encourage such draws in the future.
  2. We would like you to comment on our Site post (link) at the bottom of this entry;
  3. We would like you to LIKE our Facebook Post (link) and consider following our Facebook Page ;
  4. We would like you to LIKE Kingston’s HyperX Community Post (link) which speaks to our contest.
  5. An eligible winner will be picked at random at midnight on the closing date of the draw – 7 October 2012.
  6. Only one draw per household, per entry and the winner will be notified within 7 days of contest closed.
  7. The prize for this draw is one Kingston 240GB HyperX SSD;
  8. This draw is open to members of Canada and USA only.


At the end of the day, we would like these types of giveaways to continue but we need the support of our readers and manufacturers to do this.  The concept of entering and NOT becoming part of a Forum community doesnt hold its own but the possibility of future monthly contests being limited to the top¦say 50 contributors¦ in a strong community is great.


Check out our HyperX Review!


  1. blank

    Thank You for this wonderful opportunity!

  2. blank

    Another week, another chance for winning this baby. Thanks again!

  3. blank

    Thanks for another great contest!

  4. blank

    Amazing Giveaway, nice prize. Rock….!

  5. blank

    Kingston HyperX SSDs are very fast and reliable.

  6. blank

    Kingston + SSD! Nothing better!

  7. blank

    This is an awesome contest and thanks to Kingston for supplying the prize! Best of luck to all who enter.

  8. blank

    As I’ve said before, when it comes to SSD reviews there’s no better
    place than to go to TSSDR. And now they’re having an awesome giveaway.

  9. blank

    TSSDR makes some of the best reviews of SSD’s that can be found on the internet!

  10. blank

    Thanks for all your hard work, TSSDR!

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    thanks to the ssd review and kingston for great giveaway competition !

  12. blank

    Read a lot of reviews in this site. Particularly interested in vertex 4 and Samsung 830. But after 840 came out, I think Imma get that. Then again, If I dont have to spend any money, thats even better 😀 keep it up!!

  13. blank

    Excellent. Count me in please. Hope for some luck.

  14. blank

    Count me in. I am in some serious need for speed,. Forum Name is Cyberburnout

  15. blank

    Eric Renaud, Good luck everyone

  16. blank

    comment officially entered

  17. blank

    entered. thanks.

  18. blank

    Entered!! love me some SSD.

  19. blank

    I would love to upgrade my old kingston 64gig sata 1 its getting old and doesn’t have trim…..

  20. blank

    Would like to have a SSD to see for myself how awesome it feels!

  21. blank

    Keep reading gret things about these hoping for early christmas present and to try it out in my first gaming rig I am building woohoo!!!!

  22. blank

    i’m not going to win but i do this anyways! 😀

  23. blank

    This would be an amazing addition to my first build! Love kingston. Win or lose, still picking one up.

  24. blank

    Done and done guys, great review. (forum: Guitarse)

  25. blank

    Finally the come has come, for me to join the SSD family ! I hope, I wish, I believe!

  26. blank

    I’ve been the long suffering son in a mac family and am finally able to build my own rig. I need serious help choosing components, but this could make my computer better than I have any right to hope 🙂

  27. blank

    SSD – this 3 letters are like magic. Good luck to myself)).

  28. blank

    i love you get a metal pen with it

  29. blank

    This is really a great idea to get people switching to SSDs. Finally capacity is high enough to make it feasible for a change.

  30. blank

    Wow, nice SSD. Good luck everyone

  31. blank

    SSD is great for gaming due to fast reading for lower latency gaming. HHD is still great for data storage, hence hybrid rig I recommend 🙂

  32. blank

    Not only fast but plenty of room , I need this!

  33. blank

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  34. blank

    Thanks for the opportunity

  35. blank

    you’re killing me with all these giveaways! cheers! : )

  36. blank

    SSD review I love you. Good Luck everyone 😀

  37. blank

    Great giveaway thanks so much. Good luck everyone

  38. blank

    Awesome prize this week.

  39. blank

    Thanks for the chance.

  40. blank

    Awesome…..Thanx for the chance to get a superior Drive

  41. blank

    This is right at the top of my needs for my computer!
    I want speed and this will get me lots!

  42. blank

    Definitely a useful forum. Will grow rapidly due to the increasingly affordable SSDs on the market, which will eventually push out slow HDDs.

  43. blank

    Yay awesome site

  44. blank

    I love these giveaways! I’ve wanted to upgrade for a while now, but the SSD’s haven’t quite come down enough in price to warrant a smaller data drive over my terabyte HDD

  45. blank

    Thanks for the giveaway. The community appreciates this!

  46. blank

    I would love to get this SSD because I am building a good gaming computer and it would be perfect for it.

  47. blank

    I like it. Good luck all

  48. blank

    Go TSSDR! 240 GB of solid state Kingston goodness. Very nice

  49. blank

    Thanks for the nice giveaway, good luck everyone

  50. blank

    When you say “Canada and USA only”, does that mean residents of these countries, or would supplying an address there of someone who can forward to me would be enough?

  51. blank

    Thank you for the chance to win the Kingston 240gb SSD, SSD Review!

  52. blank

    Awesome site!

  53. blank

    Looking good here.

  54. blank

    I wanKingston HyperX 240GB SSD!!!

  55. blank

    ” picked at ransom” lol

  56. blank

    Nice, if I win I can put an SSD in my girlfriends computer, hopefully she’ll stop asking why her’s is slower than mine.

  57. blank

    Tssdr, and Kingston are the best 😉 thanks for my first ssd, and yayyyy

  58. blank

    I hate HDDs! They are so slow and loud 🙁

  59. blank

    Great Contest again!!!!Thank you !!

  60. blank

    I’m in for sure!! thanks!

  61. blank

    count me in and good luck all

  62. blank

    Great contests. Somehow missed the week 3. but definitely want in on this one. Liked HyperX, likes and shared post,Commenting here and about to go comment on the Forum post. I have done all I think. Thanks for this. Good luck everyone.

  63. blank

    Posted in forums, great site, great giveaways!! You guys rock!!
    Lose the lag, up the frag, SSDs rock!

  64. blank

    I would love to win this SSD. I am building a gaming computer and this would be fantastic for it.

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