Toshiba Z835 UltraBook $699 at Best Buy Sunday!!!

I just found this on Laptop Reviews and couldn’t resist doing up a quick release because it is simply too good to be true!

Tomorrow, the Toshiba Z835 Ultrabook, with a 128GB SSD, will be $200 off at Best Buy and available for only $699.  That is amazing!

The Z835 that they are advertising is a 13.3″ model with an Intel i3 processor, Windows 7 Home Premium, has a back lit keyboard and ultra-fast USB 3 to boot.

Quite frankly, that is hard to beat considering we are just entering the Ultra book era where laptops are now less than 1.5lbs and thinner than a deck of cards.  I can also tell you first hand, this is a great UltraBook.  Our site system is the Z830 which has the identical form factor and we reviewed it here.  How small is it?  This is exactly why we chose the smallest Ultra available today…no more laptop bag!

Head to Laptop Reviews for the actual flyer insert!

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