Top SSD Picks for Fall 2014


PCIe SSDs are the way to go for the absolute top performance. If you have heavy workload, such as multimedia production or server usage, PCIe is the way to go. In this category, the Intel SSD DC P3700 takes the cake.

Intel P3700 Angled

The Intel SSD DC P3700 offers bleeding edge performance. No more need for RAID to achieve the 2.8GB/s throughput and 460K IOPS this card allows. All this speed is achieved through the new NVMe protocol. Its features include end-to-end data protection, power loss protection, a five-year warranty, and the ability to use as a boot drive. Furthermore, Intel allows for a maximum of 10 drive writes per day and a 36.5 PBW (petabytes written) life span. This one SSD has it all.


Looking for a pocket-able storage medium that your thumb drive can’t beat? External SSDs are a great alternative. The MyDigitalSSD OTG (On The Go) Pocket SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is our choice in this category.

MyDigitalSSD OTG Pocket SSD Angled 2

The MyDigitalSSD OTG drives come in capacities ranging from 64GB to 512GB. They are very small and light weight, read and write speeds are around 450MB/s via USB 3.0 with UASP support, and they come with a 3 year warranty.


If external SSDs aren’t your style and all you need so a simple, fast storage medium, thumb drives are the way to go. Thumb drives are perfect for transferring docs, images, video to and from work, school, or just around your home. For our top pick, we recommend the Mushkin Ventura Ultra.

Mushkin Enhanced Ventura UltraThe Mushkin Enhanced Ventura Ultra is fast, every fast. Over USB 3.0, its read and write speeds come in right around 450MB/s. Capacities range from 60GB to 240GB, and soon there will be a 480GB model. With a casing built from aircraft grade aluminum, the drives come with a 2-year warranty.


Photo and video enthusiasts know how disappointing cheap and slow SD cards can be in the field. If you are looking to get a quality SD card for your new DLSR, 4K video camera, or even a simple point and shoot, here is what we suggest you look into.

PNY Elite Performance SDXC

Our recommendation for SD card goes out to the PNY Elite Performance. It offers up to 90MB/s read and 60MB/s write speeds. It has capacities ranging from 16GB to 256GB.  They are magnet-proof, shockproof, waterproof, and come with a lifetime warranty. Prices are just around 50 cents per GB, and because of that, they are hard to resist.


So there you have it! These are the suggestions on what we feel you should be looking at to consider purchasing at this time. Until the holidays, this list shouldn’t change much. Next year we expect more competition in the PCIe and M.2 form factor categories and the release of newer TLC based drives will surely drive price per GB down even more. Until then, good luck on your next purchase!

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  1. blank

    Nice article as always !

    But i never though mushkin was making flash drives. After looking at the prices for 240G and the fact, that is using ssd grade controller (sandforce 2nd gen), this thing is an insane value. Perfect for running WinToGo 🙂

    • blank

      Thanks! I never thought much of of Mushkin making flash drives either, until Les told me about this one. We should be getting one for review soon enough to put it through its paces. 🙂

      • blank

        Yeah, a nice benchmarking treatment would be great, so we can see how that thing compares to other sandforce based ssds. I’m guess the real bottleneck is gonna be the usb3.0 interface and sata->usb bridge.

    • blank

      Hey Benjamin, For a long time you have been writing comments as if you are an IT expert but today you say “I never though Mushkin was making flash drives”. You think that you know everything about computing technology but you are unaware of the Mushkin Products. Before writing comments here please surf in the web and visit the IT Companies’ websites. And see what do they produce. OK!

      • blank

        Chillax dude, i never said anything about being an IT expert (which i’m really not). And i’m very well aware of muskin (i had their redline series ram back in the day). Just wasn’t aware of the their flash drives, since its not really my thing to look around for, considering all the various OEMs that produce flash drives (there are plenty of those).

      • blank

        Hey Benjamin. You were destroyed by the Guest. I think no need to defense yourself. You lost. HA HA

  2. blank

    Mushkin is crap in the SSD arena, we deploy about 2000 SSD devices a month and the ones we used mushkin in usually come back. Intel and samsung are great followed by sandisk / toshiba.

    • blank

      The product is a flash drive and Intel, SanDisk or Toshiba do not have a comparable that I am aware of. From personal use, I can tell you that this is an excellent flash drive. Conversely, I have an Atlas in one of our systems still (mSATA) that has been there for years…running great. Hope this helps.

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