Seagate Releases Next-Generation Momentus XT

Seagate has announced the newest version of their Momentus XT, which is in a laptop-friendly 9mmm 2.5 inch form factor. Utilizing Seagates FAST Factor technology and Adaptive Memory, these drives blend HDD capacity and SSD speed in a nice small package.

One of the hottest trends right now in Solid State Storage utilization is caching and hybrid devices, yet Seagate remains the only large scale HDD company to have a dedicated single disk solution on the market.

We expect other large HDD companies to follow suit, as the first version of the Momentus XT is wildly popular.  Seagate passed 1 million units of the original device all the way back in August of this year.

Hybrid solid state drives are the next best thing to purchasing an SSD outright as they do provide a big increase in boot time and application loading. The drive works simply by moving the most frequently accessed data on the HDD onto the NAND that is aboard the drive, reaping big performance dividends.

The newest Momentus XT drive is nearly 70 percent faster than the previous version, and now packs 8 gigabytes of extremely durable SLC NAND, doubling the read-write speed of the previous generation. With the NAND directly integrated onto the PCB of the HDD itself, this is an extremely easy to use and install package for the end user.

Another key difference from the first generation device is the move to a 6Gb/s interface, which will allow for full utilization of the NAND onboard.

Coming in at an MSRP of $245 for a 750 GB device, we can see that this new version is sure to be a big seller for Seagate as well. Check the next page for the press official press release.


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