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Marvell Unveils Dragonfly NVDRIVE – World’s First NVRAM-Powered PCIe SSD Cache Solution

Marvell has announced availability of the Marvell DragonFlyTM NVDRIVE – the world’s first NVRAM-powered PCIe SSD cache solution.  This turnkey enterprise-class caching solution with built-in SSD modules extends the company’s award-winning DragonFly NVCACHE and NVRAM adapter product offerings that were released last August.  The DragonFly NVDRIVE is targeted to large-scale Internet and cloud computing datacenters.  It will dramatically scale both …

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VeloBit Celebrates 2ND Birthday With Two Important New Releases

Velobit, a provider of high-performance solid state drive caching software, is marking their second anniversary with two new releases that reflect an amazing two years of growth. One of the few prior drawbacks to utilization of Velobit software was lack of support for Windows-based operating systems. WINDOWS AND HYPER-V OS SUPPORT ADDED VeloBit is pleased to announce that Windows and …

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QLogic Releases Mt. Rainier Server Side SSD Caching Achieving A New Summit For SAN Storage

QLogic, known for their enterprise storage infrastructure solutions, has announced the release of their Mt. Rainier SSD caching technology. Mt. Rainier is a targeted solution meant to accelerate SAN performance while at the same time simplifying deployment of SSD caching in servers. Interestingly, the caching solution will not only be transparent to server side applications, but to the OS as …

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Sandisk Releases ReadyCache SSD Providing Storage Performance and Capacity

SanDisk, well known throughout the industry for their wide variety of storage products, has announced the release of their ReadyCache SSD caching solution. ReadyCache will include a 32GB SSD as well as Condusive Technologies’ ExpressCache, which is comparable to software that is being offered by the likes of NVELO. Based on what we already know about SSD caching, SanDisk’s new …

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VeloBit Announces Caching Software Trial Bundle Featuring Micron SSDs

VeloBit, a provider of high-performance SSD caching software, is announcing a trial sampling program via a bundle that will feature PCIe and SATA SSDs from Micron Technology, Inc.  Potential customers will be able to receive a 60-day free trial to evaluate the use of VeloBit’s HyperCache software bundled with certain PCIe and SATA SSDs from Micron.  Customer looking to integrate …

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Starboard Storage Systems Emerges – Launches AC72 With SSD Acceleration

Starboard Storage Systems, a company that was apparently just launched today, has announced the release of their AC72 mixed storage system. Facilitating what Starboard is calling “Application Crafted Storage”, the new unit should allow administrators to employ a “set it and forget it” attitude when it comes to managing storage. This will allow the focus to be exclusively on maintaining …

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