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Western Digital Releases 5mm Hybrid HDD Targeting Ultrabook Placement

Western Digital has announced the release of the world’s thinnest 2.5″ hybrid drive. Targeted at Ultrabooks, the drive will weigh in at a mere 5mm thick, undercutting even the thinnest 7mm drives currently on the market. The new products will deliver up to 500GB of storage space and will be conducive to systems with severely cramped quarters. The drives should be …

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Toshiba Enters Consumer HDD Market As WD/Hitachi Merger Hangs In The Balance

A little over two months ago, Seagate completed its acquisition of Samsung’s hard drive division, leaving only three major players in the magnetic storage industry. Actually, not quite three, as Toshiba remained as well. The problem was that this veritable “David” wasn’t actually in any position to take on what were the three remaining “Goliaths” of this industry. The reality …

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Seagate Releases Next-Generation Momentus XT

Seagate has announced the newest version of their Momentus XT, which is in a laptop-friendly 9mmm 2.5 inch form factor. Utilizing Seagates FAST Factor technology and Adaptive Memory, these drives blend HDD capacity and SSD speed in a nice small package. One of the hottest trends right now in Solid State Storage utilization is caching and hybrid devices, yet Seagate …

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