Sandisk Purchases Caching Software Specialist FlashSoft

It’s no surprise that SSD- based caching solutions are popular.

Both for consumers and enterprise customers, flash based caching offers the ability to accelerate storage performance at lower price points. Needless to say, companies specializing in caching are hot commodities in the storage world. Today, SanDisk announced the purchase of FlashSoft, a provider of flash caching software for Windows, Linux, and VMWare.

FlashSoft SE 2.0 software can scale from servers with as little as 8GB of SSD cache all the way up to 1TB. SE 2.0 can work with any SSD whether PCIe, SAS, or SATA.

By analyzing system IO activity in an intelligent way, the software can move the hottest (most frequently accessed) data into the high speed flash-based cache, dramatically speeding up many transactions. Colder (less frequently accessed) data will remain on slower mechanical storage. In this way, SSD speed can be combined with HDD capacity and lower cost.

It is unclear whether SanDisk and FlashSoft will adapt the caching solutions for the consumer market. SanDisk has expressed a renewed interest in the consumer SSD market with two new lines of SATA III drives, so adapting caching software for the consumer market could be an interesting development.

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