SanDisk Announces Next Generation of Fusion ioMemory PCIe Application Accelerators to Boost Data Center Performance

SanDisk Corporation, a world-leading producer of flash storage devices, is announcing its new generation of Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators that will significantly improve data center performance, while helping achieve data center consolidation and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). The new Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators combine SanDisk’s own NAND flash with their Virtual Storage Layer (VSL) data access acceleration software to deliver up to a 400% price/performance ratio improvement, and at a list price that is over 60% less than previous generation Fusion ioDrive2 solutions.

SanDisk Fusion ioMemory 1point6TBA recent report from industry analyst Gartner indicates a “heightened focus on PCIe technology” to embrace the proliferation of server virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) usage, real-time analytics and in-memory computing applications. Fusion ioMemory, with over 250,000 PCIe application accelerators deployed with more than 7000 customers, is a safe and proven solution for business/mission-critical data centers.

SanDisk Fusion ioMemory 3point2TBAccording to John Scaramuzzo, senior vice president and general manager for Enterprise Storage Solutions at SanDisk, “Fusion-io’s technology fundamentally transformed expectations about data center performance when it debuted eight years ago and it remains the standard by which all other PCIe products are judged. Combining the power of Fusion ioMemory technology with SanDisk’s vertically integrated NAND flash, our engineering talent and portfolio of SATA and SAS SSDs, provides customers with an unparalleled combination of flexibility, performance, scalability, quality and value to help solve their data center challenges.”

SanDisk HP MezzanineHP Mezzanine

SanDisk’s Fusion ioMemory lineup includes an array of form factors, ranging from PCIe cards to mezzanine storage for blade servers from HP and Cisco. Each card can be optimized for mixed-use or read-intensive workloads, and is also able to be paired with SanDisk’s latest next-generation of FlashSoft caching software. This combination reduces I/O latency in VMware vSphere, Windows Server and Linux environments, creating additional acceleration of enterprise applications.

SanDisk Cisco MezzanineCISCO Mezzanine

SanDisk’s newest generation of Fusion ioMemory solutions lineup includes:

SX300 and SX350 Series – Offered in capacities from 1.25TB up to 6.4TB, the SX300 and SX350 represent a cost-effective solution for either mixed-use workloads (such as databases, virtualization, real-time financial data processing and business intelligence), or for read-intensive workloads (such as data mining, web hosting, seismic data processing, 3D animation, CAD/CAM and content caching.

PX600 Series – Offered in capacities from 1TB up to 5.2TB, the PX600 series is geared toward mixed-use workloads (such as databases, virtualization, real-time data processing and business intelligence).

Mezzanine Series – These are available on the latest HP Gen9 and Gen8 BladeSystem Servers, and the newest CISCO UCS B-Series Blade Servers, and deliver high performance and capacity gains over hard disk drives (HDDs) in virtualized environments. By utilizing the Mezzanine card, more virtual machines per server can be supported, and database mining and business intelligence applications are accelerated, achieving both time and cost savings.

FlashSoft Bundles – Combining the benefits of Fusion ioMemory flash hardware with the FlashSoft caching software creates a single solution that is easy to evaluate, deploy and support, regardless of architecture or operating system.

SanDisk FlashSoft softwareSanDisk’s new Fusion ioMemory PCIe cards attain twice the random read performance of the previous ioDrive2 generation of cards for increased endurance; and an updated Virtual Storage Layer (VSL) provides direct memory access, minimizing latency and maximizing throughput.

SanDisk Fusion ioMemory pairThe new series of SanDisk Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators are available today for customers to qualify, as well as through SanDisk’s Enterprise Reseller Partner Program. You can view the new Fusion ioMemory PCIe application accelerators at the SanDisk enterprise storage solutions webpage here; and you can view the press release announcing them in its entirety here.

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    Any specs/guesses how these compare to Intel 750 series PCIe SSDs?

    • blank

      The 750 series was intended for client, consumer or even lighter business load applications whereas this is meant strictly for server use. I couldn’t make the comparison as they are not in the same category even remotely IMO.

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