RunCore Kylin III MAX PCIe Enterprise SSD Achieves 3GB/s Performance and Up To 4.6TB Of Storage

Running through the Runcore website recently resulted in a very interesting find in the name of the  RunCore Kylin III MAX PCIe Gen2 SSD.  The Kylin III MAX represents one of, if not the highest capacity and performance combination of a PCIe SSD that we have seen to date yet. It is a  full-length native PCIe card utilizing a controller that is integrated with multiple high-speed serial on-chip buses and embedded processors to achieve high speed data transfer between the host and storage device.  The Kylin III MAX operates as a read cache card for cloud computing acceleration applications; or for servers, web mail / exchange mail servers, or graphics workstations.

RunCore Kylin III MAX 1a

RunCore’s Kylin III MAX PCIe SSD is available with SLC NAND Flash for speed and performance, or with eMLC NAND Flash for endurance and larger storage capacities — up to an amazing 4.6TB on a single card!  The SLC version of the Kylin III MAX boasts sustained 64K reads of 3000 MB/s, and 64K sustained writes of 2700 MB/s.  4KB random reads are stated as 400,000 IOPS, and 4KB random writes come n at 300,000 IOPS.  The SLC Kylin III MAX is available in capacities of 192GB, 384GB, 768GB, 1.5TB, and 2.3TB.

RunCore Kylin III pcb

The eMLC version of the Kylin III MAX attains sustained 64K reads of 1500 MB/s, while the 64K sustained writes are charted at 1350 MB/s.  The random 4KB read and write IOPS are reported as 200,000 and 100,000 IOPS respectively.  The eMLC Kylin III MAX can be had in capacities of 1.5TB, 3.0TB and 4.6TB.

RunCore Kylin III MAX 2a

The Kylin III MAX boasts unlimited read endurance, and write endurance to the tune of 17 years @ 10 full drive writes per day.  Mean time between failures (MTBF) is stated as being greater than two million hours.  It features AES-XTS 256-bit data encryption, and is TCG Opal and Enterprise compliant.  The RunCore Kylin III MAX features a three-year warranty.

Runcore Max2 banner

RunCore’s Kylin III MAX supports all of the following operating systems:  Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 SP2 (64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows Server 2003 SP2 (64-bit), CentOS 5 & 6, Ubuntu 9/9/10/11, SuSe Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10/11, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5/6.  Typical active power consumption is stated as 16.03 watts.  The Kylin III MAX product page at RunCore’s website can be viewed here.

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