OCZ’s Talos 2 SAS SSD Gets New Gig In Drobo SANs

OCZ’s Talos 2 SAS SSDs are getting a new gig courtesy of Drobo.

Drobo, manufacturer of professional and business oriented storage solutions is making use of OCZ’s Talos 2 enterprise SAS SSDs in their B1200i SAN offering.

Drobo currently offers products with HDDs, but this will mark the first use of SSDs in a tiered solution by the company.

The OCZ Talos line debuted last year as a flexible SAS offering, and the later Talos 2 was available in faster flavors and 2.5″ and 3.5″ form factors, making use of MLC, eMLC, or SLC NAND. Replete with OCZ’s Virtualized Controller Architecture and dual port SAS, the Talos 2 is a fairly serious affair.

The B1200i iSCSI SAN has 12 front mounted bays, and up to three of those will come with Talos 2 drives depending on the configuration. The Talos 2 will sport special FW for the occasion. This specialized firmware should help automate configuration of the SAN when the drive is swapped in.

By adding faster SSDs in a tiered solution, the SAN’s transaction performance can be increased substantially over configurations only using traditional hard disks. Currently deployed B1200i SANs can get the Drobo FW-equipped Talos 2s from Drobo in a package, each of the 200GB variety. Swapping the drives in should automatically tier the SAN, easing setup concerns.

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  1. blank

    awesome, i was wondering when we would see some OCZ deployments of this tech. OCZZ keeps chipping away and they will go OEM and big time enterprise for sure!

    only a matter of time, then who knows? they may be the next EMC!

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