Micron Announces Enterprise 9200 SSD Series – New NVMe Flagship Solid-State Storage Family

Micron is announcing their new 9200 SSD series of NVMe SSDs, their latest flagship performance solid-state storage family.  The Micron 9200 SSDs bring innovative architecture and industry-leading performance that will enable users to access their data ever faster, and stay on top of ever-increasing data demands and workloads.

Micron 9200 banner 1The 9200 series of SSDs combine cost-effective 3D NAND with the superior response time and throughput of the NVMe protocol.  Micron’s second generation of NVMe drives are engineered from the ground up to remove legacy layers of hard drive interfaces, resulting in the unleashed speeds of solid-state nonvolatile memory that will maximize efficiencies in data centers, as well as helping to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

Micron 9200 form factorsAccording to Eric Endebrock, Micron’s vice president of marketing, “The Micron 9200 Series of NVMe SSDs are specially designed to deliver the blazing fast speeds, low latency, and high-capacity needed to handle massive files, images and multimedia assets created by today’s complex application workloads.  With the Micron 9200 SSDs added to our SSD playbook, we are providing customers a rich portfolio of storage solutions to manage their changing business needs.”

Micron 9200 banner 3Want to store more, do more, and know more about your data? The 9200 SSDs and their innovative architecture deliver performance that is up to 10X faster than the fastest SATA SSDs on the market, all while conserving rackspace and power with the use of high-density 3D NAND.  Also, The Micron 9200 is the first NVMe SSD that offers a capacity greater than 10TB to handle even the most demanding and storage-consuming use cases, and at an appealing cost per gigabyte.

Micron 9200 banner 2Micron is offering the 9200 Series in three “flavors” with varying endurance and performance characteristics.  The 9200 ECO Series is geared toward read-intensive workloads, and is offered in capacities of 8TB and 11TB, in both U.2 and HHHL form factors.  Next is the 9200 PRO Series, geared toward mixed-use applications, and is offered in capacities of 1.92TB, 3.84TB and 7.68TB (U.2 and HHHL).  Finally, the 9200 MAX Series is geared toward write-intensive applications, and generally have the highest endurance rating of the three 9200 Series versions.  The 9200 PRO is offered in capacities of 1.6TB, 3.2TB and 6.4TB (U.2 and HHHL).  Please refer to the chart below for specifications for each version.  All are rated for a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 2,000,000 hours.

Micron 9200 SSD specs 2

Micron’s 9200 SSD family is engineered to be the foundation for their Micron SolidScale™ platform, enabling greater capacities and more efficient workload optimization.  The 9200 SSDs also feature Micron’s FlexCapacity software that allows end users to allocate storage according to application and budget requirements.  For more information, visit the 9200 Series product page here.

Micron 9200 logo

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