Lexar Introduces Memory History Museum With Longsys 20 Year Celebrations

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of being a part of the flash industry over the past 12 years has to be the opportunities this technology has provided. So much of what we take for granted is solely the result of flash technology and it is mind-blowing how we fail to even recognize its existence in so much that we do on a daily basis.  Memory has provided us with an ‘instant on’ society and many of those responsible are not so familiar to us in North America.  Longsys happens to be one of those companies and we were most recently lucky enough to be invited to Zhongshan, China, for their 20th Anniversary celebrations, along with opening of the world’s first Memory History Museum and Lexar’s Photography Gallery Exhibition.

Longsys Electronics consists of Longsys, Foresee and its newest acquisition, Lexar.  Lexar moved to Longsys from Micron in 2017 and we are most recently seeing the benefits of this acquisition through our reports on the Lexar 633x 1TB MicroSDXC Card, the Lexar Professional 1TB SDXC Card, and the Lexar SL100 Portable SSD. I am still amazed that the latest Lexar 633x MicroSDXC is 1TB in capacity.

The new Longsys facility is situated within a new technology park in Zhongshan, China. Trying to get a shot of the entire facility simply isn’t possible.  It is that big.  Very unique is the design of most Longsys/Lexar/Foresee buildings which have been constructed to resemble NAND flash memory.  

A day prior to celebrations we were invited to the facility for meetings and an overview of the company past, present and future, and were greeted by Huabo Cai, CEO and Chairman of Longsys Electronics.

We were a bit surprised a short while later when we received just a bit of recognition from Mike Chen, President of Lexar International, as he spoke about Lexar’s latest product family, the High Performance 633x 1TB MicroSDXC, the Professional 1TB SDXC and the SL100 Portable SSD.

Lexar itself has a solid reputation with a large following in North America and abroad, so much so that many wondered what would come of the brand acquisition by Longsys in 2017.  My camera of choice happens to be the Canon 5D Mk IV and I have relied on Lexar products for as long as I can remember.  Even I was a bit uneasy but the products recently tested are the best I have seen from this brand. I might qualify them as being of the industries best in fact. Congratulations Mike and company on a job well done!

Next up… The Memory History Museum

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