Kingston Announces New SSDNow E50 Enterprise SSD For Big Data And Virtualization Applications

Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., who is the global leader in memory products, is announcing the SSDNow E50.  The E50 is Kingston’s newest enterprise-grade solid-state drive (SSD).  The SSDNow E50 will be marketed as a more economical alternative to the SSDNow E100.  Performance-driven usage scenarios that do not require heavy endurance can achieve enterprise-type performance without the premium pricing of a full enterprise-featured SSD.

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The SSDNow E50 is ideal for enterprise-type duties, including data caching, online transaction processing, and virtualization. The SSDNow E50 also utilizes DuraWrite technology for advanced data integrity protection; which extends the life of the SSD by reducing the number of write operations to the Flash memory.  The SSDNow E50 is superior to competing products with its robust intelligent power failure protection, which prevents data loss if a power outage or interruption occurs.  The E50 also supports AES 128-bit encryption.

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According to Ariel Perez, SSD business manager at Kingston, “We found that there was a demand within our customer base and partner community for an SSD that offers enterprise-strength reliability and superior features but with lower endurance capabilities and associated costs.  Based on this feedback, we developed SSDNow E50 and are pleased to further expand Kingston’s SSD family to support evolving needs of our customers and partners.”


The Kingston SSDNow E50 is a 7mm thick, 2.5″ form factor SSD that features a SandForce SF2581 controller.  It is being offered in capacities of 100GB, 240GB and 480GB.  The SATAIII E50 attains sequential reads of 550 MB/s for the 100gb and 240GB versions, and 530 MB/s for the 480GB model.  Sequential write speeds are stated as 530 MB/s for the 100GB and 240GB drives, with the 480GB model attaining 500 MB/s writes.


Maximum 4K IOPS are indicated for the 100GB model as 85,000 read and 80,000 write.  The 240GB version attains 85,000 read and 73,000 write IOPS.  The 480GB drive comes in at 74,000 read and 36,000 write IOPS.  The lower-endurance E50 is rated at 1,000,000 hours Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).  The SSDNow E50 is backed by Kingston’s three-year warranty that includes free technical support.


The product page for the Kingsotn SSDNow E50 SSD can be viewed here.  The press release announcing the SSDNow E50 is available for viewing here.

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