Intel Expands DC S3500 Series SSD Family – Higher Capacity and M.2 Options

Intel’s DC S3500 Series SSDs for data centers and cloud computing are designed for fast consistent read performance with strong data protection in mind. Intel puts their drives under 5000 unique tests to ensure quality and a low .44% failure rate. Today, Intel announces its newest additions to their DC S3500 Series of SSDs, adding more capacity options as well as another form factor.  The 2.5″ form factor will now be available in 1.2TB and 1.6TB and the family have an M.2 2280 SATA option.

Intel SSD DC S3500 Series - High Capacity

Performance for the new 1.2TB and 1.6TB capacities offers sequential reads of up to 500MB/s and sequential writes of up to 460MB/s.  However, with the higher capacities there is a slight drop in random read IOPS coming in at up to 65,000. On the other hand, there is a jump up to 18,500 IOPS write for the 1.2TB model and 14,600 IOPS write for the 1.6TB model.

The M.2 form factor model is available in 80GB, 120GB, and 340GB capacities and offers sequential speeds of up to 480MB/s read and 355MB/s write and up to 67,000/14,500 IOPS read/write. Average sequential latency is rated at 50 µs for read and 65 µs for write for the M.2 models with a read/write quality of service of 500 µs / 5 ms (99.9%). Average sequential latency is rated at 55 µs for read and 66 µs for write for the 1.2 and 1.6TB models.

DC S3500 Specs

These new drives offer the same 20nm MLC NAND flash memory technology and feature a next gen Intel 8-channel controller for larger capacities to provide full end to end data protection, enhanced power-loss data protection, and optimized efficiency.  However, DIPM and Hot plug/removal are not supported for the M.2 form factor.

The 2.5″ drives may also be used with 5V and 12V supply or simply a 5V supply. Power consumption for the 1.2TB and 1.6TB 2.5″ models is rated for a typical draw of 5.2W and idle of 700mW when on a single 5V supply.  The M.2 form factor runs off of 3.3V with and average consumption of 4W and an idle of 5oomW.

Intel SSD DC S3500 Series - M.2

They have temperature monitoring and logging as well as thermal throttling. Life time endurance is rated for up to 880TB total bytes written for the 1.6TB model and up to 660TB for the 1.2TB model. The 80GB M.2 model is rated for up to 45TB total bytes written, the 120GB model-70TB, and the 340GB model-180TB.  The dimensions of the M.2 2280 drive are only 22mm (W) x 80mm (L) x 1.5mm (H). The mean time before failure rating is at 2 million hours. They also include AES 256-bit encryption and a 5 year warranty as well.

The DC S3500 family is aimed towards read intensive applications such as OLTP databases, online apps, virtualization, and E-mail and web server usage. This new M.2 form factor option is aimed towards OEM systems, digital signage, ATMs, gaming devices, and other digital devices.

Recommended customer pricing for the 1.2TB and 1.6TB 2.5″ models is $1,099 and $1,444 respectively. The M.2 models are priced as follows: $99 (80GB), $124 (120GB), and $314 (340GB).

To learn more about the DC S3500 family of SSDs and other data center storage solutions from Intel, visit their site at

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