Intel 320 Series 160GB SSD For $154 Means SSDs Under $1/GB With Free Shipping

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift, there have been plenty of Intel SSD sales as of late and today’s find on the Intel 320 Series 160GB SSD is definitely a no brainer!

Logic Buy and NewEgg have teamed up to make one of the best SSDs on the market less than a buck per gigabyte with free shipping!  The deal only lasts through the 24th, but significant price drops on the Intel 320 and 510 drives have been few and far between. Naturally, you get a 5 year warranty and the desktop installation goodies too.

We have to give you a heads up that this does include a mail in rebate which none of are fans of, but still, how can you go wrong with this purchase?  The deal lasts until the 24th or whenever existing discount stock is expired, so you might want to hurry.


  1. blank

    $189.99 after $100 MIR.

  2. blank

    Only $10 discount and rebate you may never get….so no, not a great deal.

  3. blank

    Bought this drive for $155 AR on BF, rebate has already been processed and the rebate card is “in the mail” as they say. I hate MIR’s, but this deal was too good to pass up and the rebate process was relatively painless.

    • blank

      Yes that was a great grab! For the most part, those that experience problems in MIRs have completed something incorrectly and even I have fallen victim to such. Care has to be taken in their completion and then they will arrive as they should in most cases.

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