AData XM13 mSATA SSD Makes Its Debut

This morning marks the AData debut of their first mSATA SSD which will be available in capacities of both 30 and 60GB and is known as the XM13.

The XM13 is a ‘SandForce Driven’ SATA 2 SSD with performance specifications of up to equal read and write speeds of 260MB/s as well as 12,500 IOPS at 4k random disk access.  The XM13 has been envisioned as a compliment to Intels Smart Response Technology.

Using SandForces SF-2141 processor and 25nm NAND, the XM13 is one of the smallest and fastest performing SSDs for its form factor, this being a mPCIe standard and measuring only 50mm x 30mm x 4mm. This might help you picture its size although not a very fair comparison with Diesel, our site mascot who weighs more than most staff members.

As a basis of comparison, we have conducted reviews of the Intel 310, Runcore T50 and Samsung PM800, all of these being mSATA SSDs of the same size, although none of the others are available in capacities listed by AData.  Watch out thought as the OCZ Deneva 2 and Intrepid mSATA SSDs are about to be released which will also be available with SF-2141 processors and available in similar capacities.



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    The version of the Silicon Power Velox V20 60GB reviewed here looks very different then the versions being sold currently. Is this an older version? I have also located versions with a different marking that includes a serial number. That version uses a Micron memory device. Any ideas what gives here?

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    Can these mPCI SSD be used in a mPCI slot in a netbook? Mine is a MSI Wind 12 U210. Tks.

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