Acer Chromebook C720 SSD Upgrade To MyDigitalSSD M.2 (NGFF) 128GB SSD – Worlds Easiest Upgrade


If there is one great success of the Google Chromebook, it has to be system migration which can be accomplished as such:

  • Insert a USB or SD Card into the system with at least 4GB free space;
  • Start Chrome, type “chrome://imageburner/” and press enter;
  • when the migration is complete, remove the USB/SD Card and turn the system off;
  • Turn it over and remove the 13 screws, including one covered by security tape;


  • Once the screws are out, use a credit card to separate the plastic base from the system;

Chromebook Open Base

  • Remove the screw retaining the SSD, slide back and up, remove and replace;

Kingston In System

  • Replace the back plate and screws, replace the USB/SD Card and press the power button.

Chrome Screen

Once the PC is restored, your system is just as you left it, with a much larger capacity SSD of course.  Enjoy!

Oh… and just a word of caution that unscrewing the center screw on the base that is covered by security tape will void the system warranty of course.

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  1. Got my Acer C720-2800 the day after it was released and I did this upgrade soon thereafter. I also fixed the rattle in the touchpad when I was in there. My tech abilities are high, but this is an incredibly easy upgrade. With OS re-installed and all of my apps downloaded I believe I was left with 106GB of space. I have not had any issues with the drive.

  2. Step Two install your favorite Linux (OpenSUSE with i3) and have fun.

  3. An excellent step-through but baffled by why anyone would want to put a larger SSD in a machine designed to store files in the cloud (and which comes with 100GB of online storage).

    The performance boost in real-world use will be minimal because the OS is highly optimised for web apps which use the cloud.

    Good walk through though.

  4. Could the same upgrade be done to the chromebox?

  5. Jordan Barry Wild

    About to do this with my C720P 4gb Ram (European model). Dual booting it with Linux, to play GoatSimulator… Oh and other stuff too.

  6. I’m looking at doing this upgrade to my i3 c720 3405. I can’t decide which one of the mydigitalssd cards to purchase between the superboot or super cache 2. Other than some software that comes with the cache version which probably can’t be used on chrome os or would help it much. Is there any difference between the two other than software?

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