Karen Tokar

Believe it or not my interest in computers started before most of my generation even knew what one was. It was that interest and a move to Goose Bay, Labrador that began what would turn out to be a major turning point after the purchase of my first computer. The rest is history as they say.

ASUS MARS II 3GB Dual GTX 580 Video Card Overclocked

Already so impressed with what the MARS II has to offer, we knew what had to be done. Using GPU Tweak, the overclocking software that replaced ASUS SmartDoctor, it was time to see just what kind of overclocking performance could be had from the new MARS II from ASUS. I’m expecting good things from the card to be honest. For …

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Real World Labs And Antec Joint Contest @ RWLABS

August people, perhaps the hottest month of the year and certainly the month of the year when most people leave their homes to go on their much awaited vacations. I too am one of those people but before I go I have in store two great contests/giveaways for you all with almost USD800/700E in prizes. The first of these two …

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Razer Goliathus Speed Edition Gaming Mouse Mat Review @ Hi Tech Legion

The Razer Goliathus gaming mouse mat is available in two editions, Speed and Control. The Razer Goliathus Speed Edition mouse mat has a pliable, corrugated rubber base so the mat stays where you intended, and has a slick cloth weave top for precise speed control. The Goliathus has an anti-fraying stitched frame for durability and dimensions are: Space Saver – …

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GIGABYTE X58A-OC Review @ Vortez

Some people believe that the X58 chipset is dead and buried. While it is clear that many enthusiasts are heading towards Z68 and P67 based motherboards, like some mass exodus, there are those who still believe that X58 still has a lot to offer. GIGABYTE have been at the forefront with regard to X58 motherboards releasing some excellent examples such …

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Limitless (2011) Blu-ray Movie Review @ Tweak Town

All of us have goals in life. Some we meet, some we don’t. So what stops us from reaching the goals that we fall short on? Poor memory? Patience? Concentration? Intelligence? But what if there was a drug that could overcome all of these? That’s the premise of Limitless, one of the smartest and intriguing thrillers I’ve seen for some …

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ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Professional Review @ Vortez

The second 990FX board weve had the pleasure to review is here, and once again, its a special one. The ASRock 990FX Professional marks the pinnacle in ASRocks AMD lineup and is designed squarely for gamers and overclockers. Designed as part of the Fatal1ty range of products with Jonathan Fatal1ty Wendel, this board aims to provide not only top end …

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