Cooler Master NotePal U-Stand Aluminum Laptop Cooling Stand Review @ Hi Tech Legion

The Cooler Master NotePal U-Stand Aluminium Laptop Cooling Stand is the next offering in the NotePal lineup.

The NotePal U-Stand brings something a little different that benefits both the professional, gamer, and general user.The U-Stand has 5 different height settings for multiple ergonomic positions.

It is USB powered with a 3 port USB hub attached to extend the connectivity to any laptop.

Using the same top design as the U2 and U3, the hole vented top works in tandem with two 100mm removable fans. These fans can be attached in multiple positions to cater to any laptop’s optimal cooling points, or removed so that the stand acts solely as a stand or pad. The U-Stand can accommodate up to 17″ laptops.

Full story at Hi Tech Legion.

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