Karen Tokar

Believe it or not my interest in computers started before most of my generation even knew what one was. It was that interest and a move to Goose Bay, Labrador that began what would turn out to be a major turning point after the purchase of my first computer. The rest is history as they say.

Xigmatek Pantheon Full Tower Case Review @Hi Tech Legion

One name derived from Roman culture is the Xigmatek Pantheon. The name “Pantheon” is actually a temple in Rome that is dedicated to the Roman Gods. In this instance, it is a rather impressive computer chassis. The Pantheon is a full tower that supports both mATX and standard ATX motherboards. Built into the Pantheon is a fan controller that features …

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Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker @ TestFreaks

Today for review Ive got a product that just has to be seen or actually heard to be believed. Its a product that I thought was just a gimmick, but I was wrong, very wrong. Its called the Pocket Boom Portable Vibration Speaker, and its a speaker that you can hook to anything with a standard 3.5mm jack. Its much …

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Corsair Force GT 240GB Solid State Drive Review @ Tweak Town

As with any product, the more time you put into refining it, the better the end result. Reference designs may go through several revisions before they will reach optimal performance. That said, as time passes small issues that can cause problems in rare instances are isolated and solutions are implemented on an ongoing basis to make products better. Corsair has …

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Synology USB Station 2 Review @ Tech-Reviews.co.uk

With the amount of USB devices that you can attach to your computer, people are always running out of room for them. Well, today weve got the Synology USB Station 2, which plugs directly into your router to allow access to any USB device over your network. Its small and can be placed anywhere, but how well will it perform? …

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NZXT Tempest 210 Mid Tower Case Review @ Tweak Town

Digging into my NZXT file to grab the template I write with for NZXT, I realized it has been almost four months since I wrote anything for NZXT as far as cases go. This might explain the sudden explosion of submission to me for testing as of late. This review will be the first of four coming up from NZXT …

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HornetTek Defender Hard Drive Enclosure @ TechwareLabs

The external hard drive market has been long established and heavily saturated. In order to succeed a company must do something different or else risk falling into line with the hundreds of other virtually identical products. Does the HornetTek Defender have what it takes to stand out from the crowd? Full story at TechWare Labs.

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