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Paul Alcorn

Zalman Enters The SATA 3 SSD Fold – CES 2012 Update

We stopped by Zalmans booth today to steal a peek at their newest addition to their robust product line… SATA 3 SSDs This is the first spotting of the F1-Series ‘in-the-wild”. Zalman has a long standing positive reputation in the enthusiast market, so they will surely be a welcome addition to the burgeoning SATA 3 SSD market as well. Soon …

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OCZ Demos 2 Z-Drive R4 CloudServ PCIe SSDs at 12 GB/s and1.4 Million IOPS – CES 2012 Update

Today OCZ invited us up to their penthouse suite at the posh Aria hotel to demo some of their latest and greatest technology. OCZ surprised us with a decidedly enterprise-oriented direction in their newest offerings. With OCZ dominating the consumer space, it is only natural that they want to expand into the enterprise sector. SSDs only account for 1-2% of …

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Intel Keynote And Future Plans- Storage Visions 2012 Update

Today Intels’ Robert Crooke, Corporate VP and GM of the NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) Solutions Group, delivered an impressive Keynote speech. To keep things in perspective, one must recall that Intel has been in the SSD Flash manufacturing market for some time.  Intel has been developing this type of solution since 1992 and time has brought about many changes and advancements. …

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Newer Technology Guardian MAXimus Mini Portable RAID Review

In today’s mobile environment, everything that users can do to move data easily and effectively is a welcome tool. Newer Technology has come up with a novel solution for users looking for large capacity data on-the-go with the Guardian MAXimus Mini. The intent of the MAXimus Mini is to provide the best of both worlds, large capacity and ‘on the …

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Galaxy Launches Laser GT Series SSD – Razor EX SSD Also Leaked

Galaxy has announced a new entrant into its SSD line, the Laser GT. Mainly known for their enthusiast-class GPUs, this is a continuation of their fledgling foray into the SSD market. Pricing for the Laser GT Series is quoted at $222 for the 120 GB model. This SSD is based upon the ever-dominant SandForce SF-2281 controller paired with MLC NAND …

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