Corsair Accelerator Series Caching SSD Announced – CES 2012 Update

This morning at CES we met with Corsair and discussed their Corsair Accelerator Series of SSDs which as new to the Corsair family.

This new solution is aimed directly at the common user, and not the power enthusiast per se. Corsair maintains, and we agree, that utilizing NAND flash within a users system does not have to be prohibitively expensive or complicated and this is most definitely a very good thing.

Capacities and price points announced include $69 for the 30GB version, $84 for the 45GB and $99 for the 60GB capacity.Caching software utilized in the Accelerator is that of NVELO and we have had the opportunity to test this extensively in the past few months; Dataplex has proven to be a very powerful and reliable tool in computer performance.  Plug and play acceleration is the key concept, so we observed a few tests firsthand to see the results.

These photos of initial results are testing of a hard drive before acceleration:

blankThese second set of results are with the same storage medium with caching enabled.

blankOver time, users can experience even greater levels of acceleration in certain usages measuring as high as 4 or 5X performance over the regular HDD usage.

The Corasir Accelerator caching SSD features a SF-2141 for the 30 GB model, and the SF-2181 for the larger capacity models. Using the more-common 3Gb/s interface is key to retaining a great price point, and for the typical user 3Gb/s in a caching scenario is plenty.

We look forward to testing this unit, as there are samples headed this way soon so keep your eyes open for more in-depth testing and review.

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    So will they also be offering 6GB/s versions?

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