Zalman Enters The SATA 3 SSD Fold – CES 2012 Update

We stopped by Zalmans booth today to steal a peek at their newest addition to their robust product line… SATA 3 SSDs

This is the first spotting of the F1-Series ‘in-the-wild”.

Zalman has a long standing positive reputation in the enthusiast market, so they will surely be a welcome addition to the burgeoning SATA 3 SSD market as well.

Soon to be released in the Asian market in early Q2, the F1 Series is the performance part, with capacities ranging from 60, 120, and 240 GB. This is Zalmans first SATA 3 offering, which is a natural progression for them as they move up from the entry level SSDs they have already introduced.

Sporting a SandForce 2281 controller and 560 MB/s Read and 570 MB/s write speeds, this is definitely aimed at enthusiasts.

The more value-minded SATA 2 offering, the P-Series, was also featured. This entry level SSD utilizes an Phison controller, and Toshiba MLC NAND. With capacities of 64, 128 and 256 and read write speeds of 260/230 MB/s.

It is confirmed that these SSDs will be headed to the North America market after the Asian release, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. “570 MB/s write speeds” ?

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