Galaxy Launches Laser GT Series SSD – Razor EX SSD Also Leaked

Galaxy has announced a new entrant into its SSD line, the Laser GT. Mainly known for their enthusiast-class GPUs, this is a continuation of their fledgling foray into the SSD market.

Pricing for the Laser GT Series is quoted at $222 for the 120 GB model.

This SSD is based upon the ever-dominant SandForce SF-2281 controller paired with MLC NAND flash, and read/write speed weighing in at an expected 550MB/s and 500MB/s.

4K Random Read speed is listed at 30,ooo IOPS, with Random Write falling in at 41,000 IOPS. This will be a 6Gb/s device, so it should go well with any of the new computers on the market.

This kit will include a mounting bracket for ease of installation, as it is a 2.5 in device.

blankEnter The Razor EX

Hot on the heels of the Laser GT  SSD, there has also been some information leaked about Galaxy’s next device, the Razor EX. This SSD will be optimized for ultra-thin notebooks in a razor-thin (pun intended) 7mm format.

Not much is known on this new SSD, other than the fact that it is a SATA3 drive. Interestingly enough, there are a few pictures with the Laser GT from above to compare the thickness of the respective SSDs. The Razor EX has much higher capacity at 240 GB, and still beats out its 120 GB counterpart in the size category.

blankObserving several new companies from varying backgrounds entering the SSD market is very encouraging. Though the flurry of new entrants can be dizzying at times, this type of across the board integration into the market will only benefit the consumer.

Expect many more of these types of releases to be coming soon as we head into the week of CES in early January. Many companies hold back their large releases until this large industry showcase opens.  With SSDs being the hot ‘new’ tech this year, expect to see many more exciting things shortly. We will be there at CES to cover all the action, so look to these pages for some exciting news!

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