Storage Visions 2012 and CES Coverage Continues by The SSD Review

The SSD Review continues our coverage of the Storage Visions 2012 two day event, ramping up for our coverage of CES to begin tomorrow.

Storage Visions is a two day conference prior to CES that is aimed at the storage sector and today look for even more great news to come forward.  There are a variety of booths, sessions for attendees to visit as well as an  overflow of storage news and releases.

Many large storage companies, with the likes of OCZ, Intel, Toshiba and Sandisk, use this conference for new product announcements and demos.

Here we can see Les in full swing as he meets with Micron representatives to get the full scoop!

blankAnd we aren’t quite sure why companies keep throwing products at Les, here he receives a new laptop!

blankLook for our continuing coverage and news releases today as the conference continues, as we have meeting with Intel, SanDisk, OWC and Memoright!


  1. blank

    Hey Les!

    When you meet with Intel be sure to ask about the 520.

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