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Viking Modular 25GB SLC SATADIMM SSD Review

Every now and then something comes around that is particularly eye catching and the world of SSDs  is no different.

The Viking Modular SATADIMM is just one of those things and we thought we might venture outside the box just a bit and put a 25GB SLC version of the SATADIMM to the test.  It can be described as a wolf in sheeps clothing because, although it does look like a typical RAM module, it is really anything but.


The Viking Modular 25GB slc SATADIMM SSD is an enterprise solid state drive that simply fits into a DDR3 DIMM socket and is powered by the socket itself.  It is connected by the SATA 2.0 connector from the motherboard and it’s benefit in the enterprise environment cannot be understated given respect to the vast number of configurations that it can be situated in.

Installation of the SATADIMM simply a click into the DIMM socket and quick connect of the SATA connector.  It is available in slc capacities of 25GB to 200GB and mlc/emlc capacities of 50GB to 400GB.  Its powered by the SandForce SF-1565TA3-SBH processor with 8x4GB modules of 34nm SLC RAM (29F32G08AFABA) of which 2x4GB NAND chips are used for by the SandForce firmware for over provisioning.  The silver ‘Jiffy Pop’ looking rectangle you also see is the super capacitor (SuperCap) which is ensures all data is cleared from the cache in the event of sudden power loss.


SLC25GB to 200GB
MLC / eMLC50GB to 400GB
Sustained Read / Write260 MB/s
Sustained Random Read & Write IOPSUp to 30,000 IOPS
InterfaceSATA 3Gb/1.5Gb, S.M.A.R.T., NCQ
ECCUp to twelve 9-bit symbols per 512 byte sector
Bit Error Rate (BER)< 1 in 10 to the power of 17 bits read
Power Fail Data ProtectionSuper Capacitor
Tiered Error ProtectionData recovery from sector, page, and block failures. End to end CRC protection.
Endurance5 Years *
Temperature MonitoringOn-board sensor, SMART attribute
Shock50g, 11ms, 3 shocks applied in each direction on 3 mutually perpendicular axes X, Y, Z
Vibration16.4g rms 10-2,000 Hz, 3 axes
Operating Temperature – Commercial0°C to 70°C
Non-operating Temperature-40°C to 85°C
Altitude80,000 feet
Humidity5% to 95%, non-condensing, relative
Test StandardMIL-STD-810F
Safety / Agency ComplianceFCC, CE, TUV
Voltage1.25-3.3V + 5%

Pg 1 – Introduction

Pg2 – Test Bench and Protocol

Pg 3 – Benchmarks

Pg4 – HDTune Pro Benchmarks

Pg 5 – PCMark Vantage Results and Final Thoughts