Plextor M5 Pro SSD Review (256GB)


Perhaps the thing we like most about Plextor is their commitment to improving their product and sticking with components that they know and trust.  We can’t tell you the number of times we have received e-mail from our readers who were very upset that our tested sample of a certain SSD did not contain the same components as their received same version of hat manufacturers product. The unfortunate truth is that there have been manufacturers who have even switched off synchronous or Toggle Mode memory for more value oriented asynchronous memory.  This will not occur with Plextor.


Plextor fine tunes their engineering through use of Marvell controllers and Toshiba Toggle Mode memory and then wraps it up with a five year warranty to let the consumer know they have confidence in their product.  Performance of the received sample of the M5 Pro did match manufacturers specifications and is an SSD capable of 100,000 IOPS but we did not have the same success in PCMark Vantage testing where it’s Total Point Score was a bit lower than expected.

This anomaly does sometimes occur with SSDs and average Total Score of Vantage did contrast to the excellent Total Point Scores we received in both AS SSD and Anvil Storage Utilities.  This is exactly why we use several programs to confirm overall performance.


Last but not least, we examine the pricing of the M5 Pro and find it to be close to the $1/GB mark with Amazon prices at $129.60 (128GB), $248.49 (256GB) and $439.99 (512GB).  Although these are decent prices, Plextor might have to keep a close eye on the competition as it is not unusual to see similar 128GB SSDs at under !100, 256GB SSDs under $200 and, yes, we have even seen 512GB SSDs in the mid-$300 range at times.  All in all thought, this is an excellent price for an excellent SSD.

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While at our meeting with Plextor at CES Las Vegas 2013, we had a conversation with respect to how TSSDR and Plextor could better serve the consumer in forming a bit tighter of a relationship with respect to upcoming product release. In this conversation, the fact that we had yet to review the Plextor M5 Pro came up and we had to admit that this SSD had completely slipped our mind. No sooner did we mention that we would love to review the M5 Pro than it was sent, in fact, hitting the ground at our office even before our…

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