Micron C400 256GB 6Gbps mSATA SSD Review – Crucial M4 mSATA SSD in Disguise

If there was one thing we wouldn’t have predicted, it was the rush of computer enthusiasts lining up to be the first to have what amounts to be the smallest and most powerful consumer storage medium available.

For the most part, we have Lenovo to thank for that as millions of Thinkpad owners played a key role in mSATA SSDs flying off the shelves quicker than they could restock.   Industry has responded well, however, as mSATA becomes the new ‘SSD Du Jours’ for the new ultra crowd.

Our report today is going to be our second of the Micron C400 family, the first being the C400 128GB capacity with today’s being what will soon be the industry standard ultrabook size of 256GB.  For those wondering about similarities between the Micron C400 and the newly released Crucial M4 SATA 3 SSD, they are twins.  Crucial handles the consumer side of things while Micron deals with the OEM and enterprise world; the sole difference between the two seems to be exterior branding sticker only.

Micron C400 in Renice mSATA to SATA 3 Adapter

The C400 is available in capacities of 32 and 64GB, for SSD caching applications, as well as 128 and 256GB where the sample we are reviewing today is the 256GB capacity.  Performance is increased with capacity and the 32GB version is capable of 440MB/s read and 50MB/s write with 55,000 IOPS, whereas the 256GB C400 tops out at 500MB/s read and 260MB/s write and 75,000 IOPS.


The Micron C400 relies on the Marvel 88SS9174 controller with a Micron 256MB DDR3 cache module.  There are also four modules of Micron 25nm NAND flash memory of which each is 64GB in capacity for a RAW total of 256GB.

Once formatted, the total capacity available to the end user is reduced to 238GB.