Micron C400 256GB 6Gbps mSATA SSD Review – Crucial M4 mSATA SSD in Disguise


Crystal Disk Benchmark is used to measure read and write performance through sampling of raw (0/1 Fill/compressible) or random data which is, for the most part, incompressible. For our testing today, we will concentrate on testing with incompressible data samples as there is no difference between the two tests for SSDs that do not rely on compression in storage.

Typically, we might see Crystal DiskMark results drop a bit when compared to ATTO and, although the high sequential reads did drop just a bit, CDM results are still above listed specifications.


As much as we like other utilities, AS SSD was the first benchmark released specific to SSD performance and is still the bread and butter of testing SSDs.  Many enthusiasts prefer this software as it encompasses the worst case scenario in disk transfer speeds by utilizing incompressible data.

blankblankAS SSD displays some great sequential performance considering this program tests with completely incompressible samples.  Our first look at IOPS is also encouraging with highs of 45180 IOPS read and 56290 IOPS write.


AS SSD Copy Benchmark is a very ‘true to life’ evaluation as it creates three files (ISO, Program and Game) and transfers them from one spot to another on the SSD.  The results shown are the high trasfer speed reached and the time it took for the transfer.  These are some of the best transfer speeds we have seen to date and it is very rare that we see all three test reach SATA 3 levels.

mSATA SSDs are 1/3 the size of a business card.


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    The Mushkin Atlas SATA III mSATA SSD is still not reviewed here?????

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    Nice review. But what about power consumption ? I would like to put one msata in my dell laptop. Is there any big difference between the Crucial and the ADATA ?

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      Typically, we don’t address power consumption as it is not indicative of something the typical consumer concerns themselves with. See below for manufacturer listed specs:

      C400 – 85/200mW
      ADATA – .45/1.5W

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    Could this be as good as having Samsung 830 256GB SSD? ( not mSata version )? I am thinking to use this with 7.2K RPM 750GB , but not sure if its worth using SSD or mSata SSd with HDD? Thanks

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    I have found that AS SSD transfer testing is not accurate. If you manually transfer a large file and I guarantee you the transfer rate is nowhere near what AS SSD shows.

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      Thanks Bill but we find it’s results to be consistent, not only in this analysis but also, in every analysis we have done and used it on the site.

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      umm…pretty sure Bill Gates doesn’t know how to use a computer

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      You need to turn off your virus scanner. On access virus scanning really hurts transfer performance of fast SSDs. The reason why AS SSD doesn’t show this degradation is that AS SSD writes to a pre-created file and is not reading from another drive, so the virus scanner isn’t triggered.

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    Is this available anywhere on the web?

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    Useful review, thanks Les. Thinking of getting one for my Lenovo T420s (which has an mSATA slot) but as yet, Crucial’s compatibility tool is marking them as not compatible with any of the Thinkpads. Given what you mentioned about the Thinkpad market for mSATA upgrades I’m guessing they’re being over cautious, wondering if you have any thoughts on this. Thanks.

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      I have yet to find ANY mSATA incompatible with any of my laptops and, specifically the X100, we did testing of serveral drives. Yes, they will list it as incompatible until tested. I can not for the life of me see any reason why one mSATA would be compatible while another would not though. They all serve the same purpose in the same way after all.

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    I have the Crucial M4 mSATA 256GB model on order. It should arrive later this week. Looking forward to using it. Thanks for the review Les.

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    Hy, first of all, I would like to thank you for the huge amount of information I found on this site. Nice review, Im almost convinced about this one but Im not sure my lenovo Y570 would support sata3 in the msata slot. Im wondering if you have any information regarding this :). I plan to use it as my boot drive with the original 2,5″ hdd as a “movie shelf”. The other options Im considering are -OCZ Nocti mSATA 120GB
    -Crucial RealSSD M4 mSATA SSD 128GB
    -Adata XPG SX300 128GB mSATA
    They have almsot the same price and rigth now i cant deside wether to go for 256gb or just stay with 128gb. The 128gb range seems more valuable.
    If you could help me decide I would really appreciate. Thanks

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      a quick check seems to return that it is SATA 3 so I might suggest confirmation through a Google search. The next question deals with capacity as the three others you highlighted seem to be lower capacity drives. as for my choice of the bunch…..no need to answer on that one!

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    Very useful review!
    Having one question though:

    NAND IC’s use dual die internally or not? 4K Random reads should be greater if so, if not it’s explained in a way (less channels)

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