KingSpec 1TB PCIe SSD Capable of 2.5GB/s Speeds & Simple Plug and Play – Worlds First Look

So our friends at KingSpec held true to their offer and we just received a brand new KingSpec PCIe SSD from the courier.  This SSD is so new that there aren’t even data sheets available and you won’t find this on the KingSpec site just yet.  Availability to distributors only occurred a few days ago.

KingSpec PCIe Front

Specs for the MC2J677M1T list it at 2GB/s read and write transfer speeds with 84K IOPS.  It will be available in 1 and 2TB capacities and it’s valued in the 2-3K range.  On first installation (which occurred within seconds of the handoff), it booted right up to its own drive, verifying that it is simple plug and play. Thank you LSI!

KingSped PCIe Back

Looking at the back, we can see that there are 8 120GB mSATA SSDs driving this configuration in a RAID setup, hence the requirement for active cooling.  Taking a close look at the mSATA drives, we can see NANYA cache with JMicron controllers right off.

Stay tuned for the review in upcoming days! Here is a quick ATTO run…